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Thread: Honeymoon Trip Report!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmbeer View Post
    On our second night we went to Carte Blanche. This was definitely the meal I was most looking forward to but was also most nervous about. I was hoping I would love it, but was concerned that it wouldn't hold a candle to many tasting menus in NYC. We were very impressed. The food was delicious and excellently presented and the wine pairings were spot on. We had a bunch of really nice people who were dining with us that night, which added to the enjoyment. The service was great. We will definitely be back on our next visit. I would absolutely recommend Carte Blanche to any wary city folks who think this is just Aruba's attempt at cashing in on the tasting menu fad. It's legit. You'll enjoy it.
    Our third night we originally had reservations at Flying Fishbone but were persuaded to cancel by a number of couples we spoke to who said it wasn't worth the long drive. Stupidly, when we found out that we couldn't get into Wacky Wahoo, we asked the hotel concierge to recommend a restaurant and they sent us to Gianni's, across from the Radison. Ugh. While the service was great, the food was bland. We were mad that we wasted a dining night on this place but, in retrospect, it was our own fault. We stopped at Soprano's after dinner and it was fine - nothing to write home about.
    The next night we went to Two Fools and a Bull. While the company was great (and maybe this is because I was constantly comparing it to Carte Blanche), the food simply fell short. It wasn't terrible, and some of the dishes were decent, but it definitely didn't blow us away. The wine pairings also left a little to be desired. If you're looking to do a tasting menu in Aruba, I would definitely recommend Carte Blanche over Two Fools. It's more pricey but, in my opinion, it's far superior in ambiance, food quality, and wine pairing.
    You didn't go to Flying Fishbone? Too bad. We've been there four times and it's ALWAYS been outstanding! I still can't figure out why there are other people not enjoying it... I can be pretty hard on restaurants!

    Definitely agree with you on Carte Blanche - it might be the best restaurant on the island but we're headed to Modern White in ONE WEEK!!!

    Re Two Fools - agree... but that's more of an "experience"... we've been three times and it's always turned into an insane party and we always meet people we never would've run into otherwise.

    Thanks for the reviews!

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    i am guessing that folks don't head to "flying fishbone"," "zeerovers" , old man and the sea" and "marina pirate" due to the cost of a taxi.
    if folks rent a car for 24 hours, it would be advantageous to add one of these restaurants to their plan when they have a vehicle.
    "zeerovers" is perfect for lunch!

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    For me sometimes it depends on how hungry I am, my expectations, good or bad dining experiences on the trip, or even my mood that can color whether I like a meal. We actually liked our meal at Gianni's. We wanted to go to Bavaria, but it was closed on that day (Monday) and had to wing it. We wandered into Gianni's and split a cold seafood salad (kind of like a ceviche) and fettucine with truffles. It just hit the spot. But that was our first meal of the trip. The second was, again, winging it - at Taste of Belgium for lunch and thought the food was terrible. Others have raved about it. We ended up three times at Madame Janette because it was so good we didn't want to risk it.

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    Congratulations, very nice report and some new ideas for our trip this year. May your new life be filled with happiness and joy with lasting memories.
    Dave From Boston


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    Sounds like a great time! Congrats on your marriage & choosing an awesome honeymoon destination
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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