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Thread: Hyatt 5/16-5/24

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    the beaches
    Thanks for the trip report. Reading it makes me even more excited about my upcoming trip! Glad you had a great time with your family.

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    "Believe me - i was scared out of my mind. We have been on my son so much for being afraid of trying things that i could not let him think i would not do it because of fear - had to pretend I was excited about it. Unfortunately I was one of those people who just falls off the thing as soon as I swung out - as I predicted I would be and had a not so graceful entry into the water."

    Glad to see I'm not alone. Also had the image of grace....but as you predicted I feel off as soon as I swung. There has to be some special technique. One of the guys told me how but I still failed. They finally just took me on one of their backs and I guess I couldn't complain about that I did it one way or another. Lol! Can't wait to go back though

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    The beach and the entire island. Don't have a favorite place because they are all wonderful places to me.....
    Hi Katherine

    You mentioned that you used a woman by the name of Mariza for babysitting during the day. How did you come in contact with her? In other words, who recommended her? I am very interested in a babysitter while visiting the island.

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    Too many places to list
    I came in contact with her through another bulletin board at I got references from another family who had used her, and she seems well known by other people on that board. She babysits often at Costa Linda.

    She was with my family for a total of 40 hours the week we were there and she was SUPER! She primarily cared for our toddler, but my other 2 older children loved her as well. We plan on having her babysit again when we go next year.

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