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Thread: Jacki & Family 8/7 - 8/24/15

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacki View Post
    Yup same boyfriend. He didn't sleep on the beach last night so I guess she accepted his apology and all is getting right between them.
    Hope it's happily ever after.....

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    holy cow what a whirlwind and emotional ups/downs/ups.

    sad that Bri and ultimately all of you had to weather that break up and now glad all is OK!!
    ahhhh, young and in love.

    your long travel day sounded exhausting and i am glad to hear all ended up fine and you all survived the flights, immigration etc.

    we had a take out from pizza bob (tropicana location) and it was horrible. i am glad to hear that yours was good.
    given your report, i would give them another chance.

    have fun and rest!!!

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    Wow, hopefully the boyfriend showing up was a nice surprise for your daughter! May the rest of your vacation be drama free, Enjoy!!

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    I woke up this morning and thought, gotta check and see how Jacki's trip is going. Thanks so much for posting. Keep enjoying!

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    I too love waiting for the island to wake-up, best part of my day We actually love Pizza Bob's as well we go to the one next to Alhambro. Of course most things always taste good after a long day of travel not to mention your first Balashi. Have a great time hope it goes by nice and slow for you

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    Love reading your trip report, Jacki! I can feel all your excitement and was in my mind right there for your early wake-up to watch the sunrise!

    How interesting that there are flight now again from Houston to Aruba! Yeah! As in the past few years I would have to fly north to go south!

    What a surprise that the boyfriend showed up in Aruba! Was he on the same flight? Anyway, I hope all goes well from now on for your daughter and him.

    Enjoy your vacation and say Hello for me to Aruba!

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    Nice story about the BF being there and it working out. Aruba vacation saved!

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    Wishing you a great vacation
    glad to hear about DD and her BF
    who knows.... Maybe an engagement?

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    We also love Pizza Bobs, we make that our first night dinner , next to Casa Del Mar area ! Love reading your reports !

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    Finally a chance to catch up on your post.... worked all weekend and it was bussssy...
    Paddock was one of my favorites especially if you get an outside table at sunset... price is good too.
    Glad your daughter and her boyfriend are doing good.. nice they can work things out... just like any marriage you have to deal with things.
    Wish I was there instead of getting ready to go to work..

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