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Thread: Joe & Mimi March 8-22

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    Joe & Mimi March 8-22

    I'll try my test to do a few updates during our stay. Great flights/connections coming down. Flight from Chicago-Aruba we had an empty seat in our row. Hate that when it happens. Landed @ 3:15 and were checking in @ Tamarijn @ 4:00. Into our regular room and ready to relax.

    Note to Hockeymom; Can't remember how many drinks you said I should have for you at The Bunker Bar and don't recall how many I did have. Will need to go back to assure I fullfill my commitment. Note to Natalie and Pat, am advising the staff to start preparing for the Idaho sisters.

    Beaches in great shape.

    Big waves came in today and are forecast to continue through Friday. Walked past Costa Linda and they had 6 palapas in the water. Lots of erosion.

    Seems hotter than normal today. But that comes with being in Paradise!!
    Joe & Mimi


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    Glad to hear you guys arrived safely. Very depressed as we should be leaving tomorrow - oh well, maybe next year? Please feel free to have as many drinks as you can handle for me at the Bunker Bar. It makes me feel better knowing someone is keeping up the pace for me. Saw the waves on the webcams - wow! Hope the Divi/Tam survive without too much damage. Thanks for the update - it helps! Enjoy!

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    enjoy your time at the tamarijn!
    be careful in those big rollers at the beach.

    have a ball
    thanks for taking the time to post.

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    Totally jealous as we look out at the melting snow at home. At least it's melting I guess. It won' be too long before we get to enjoy the Bunker bar as well

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    Enjoy the vacation.... can I get you to do an Amstel Bright for me?

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    Thank you so much for the update Joe! Can't wait to get that first Balashi! Well, sounds like the beach is just fine. I was a little worried. How's the weather been so far? We shall see you very soon! Be ready for a toast together on St Pats Day.

    Good idea to warn the staff about the sisters. Trouble is on the way. hee hee

    Natalie and Patty

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    Glad to see you made it safely! Saw the huge waves on the cams today. Hopefully it will not take away the beach at the Tam.

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    Have a wonderful trip and please have a cocktail or two for me as well at the Bunker Bar! I would suggest a mudslide while watching the sunset I too was watching the huge waves yesterday via the webcam, actually saw someone with a surfboard running in and out of the waves. Good thing is the waves usually don't last all week. I wish I could be there for St. Patty's day, wherever I end up this weekend I will cheer Aruba with a green MicUltra, not a balashi or bright but I will just pretend for now. Cheers!

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    Big waves...big drinks.....big smiles!

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    How do you acess web cams for Druif beach at tamarin please?

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