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Thread: Just back from Aruba

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    Palm Beach, The Marriotts lazy river
    How about any good restuarant reports this trip



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    Smile Friendly and happy Spanish cities

    Quote Originally Posted by simplyagape View Post
    Ummn with all respect-no I got you.
    Love Aruba
    If you are reading this forum please take the time to consider going to Aruba you will not regret it.
    Ive been all over the world and the only place that comes close is Barcelona Spain as far as the friendly people go.
    You will fel welcome on this island
    Oh, my, if you think people in Barcelona are friendly , you should go all the way down to Andalucia region, that is . Seville, Malaga (where Antonio Banderas was born) Cadiz, etc We think people from north Spain are "stiff and cold" Well, not all of them. On the otehr hand, people from the south are said to be "lazy and joking and partying all the time"
    You have to visit happy and joyful Spain and that's south, south, south!!!

    My kisses to all the nice people in Barcelona

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    It only takes 1 trip to Aruba to fall in love with it like the rest of us...

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