Had another great trip this year....some surprises for Dad(he was wishing his great granddaugthers were there)....surprise Dad guess who showed up the second week....Lily who is 8 went snorkeling for the first time & we got to see baby turtles hatch. We ate at texas de brazil & fishes & more and of course we had to go see Alex at King Rib....yummy as always. We went up to the chapel and had some boys riding atv's....kicking up dirt & rocks behind our car...1 rock hit my husband...the gentlemen that sells crosses yelled for this 1 boy to stop ...the boy took off yelling things that shouldn't be said at the chapel....friends of ours were still up there when we left ...in the afternoon they asked us if we saw what happened to the boy when he sped away...we hadn't but they smiled as they started the story....I guess as soon as he took off yelling he drove right into a cactus ...got the atv stuck and it 4 boys to get it out....the frontend was all ripped up.....have fun explaining that to the rental company....Talk about instead karma....Well vacation went way too fast again......so now starts the next countdown......for those who will be going soon have fun & safe travels. Diane