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Thread: just back from paradise...again

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    just back from paradise...again

    hey all! Today is the dreaded day after so before depression fully sets in I thought I'd send a note. Since I recieved such great information prior to our trip, it's my turn to share a little.
    3rd visit. First at Radisson.
    Customs incoming was very fast. Customs outgoing was a nightmare. stood in line for 4 hours (NOT exagerating). heard lots of different excuses. plenty of upset people. luckily we were at the airport plenty early but they were constantly pulling people out of line so that they wouldn't miss their flight.

    Radisson was great. clean rooms, friendly service from check-in to bell hops. Tons of security guards around which surprised us. Never saw any trouble and as usual, felt very safe. I guess a jewerly story was robbed a couple weeks ago...? The Refinery shut down last month which employed around 1,200 people.

    back to our trip tho: the weather was perfect, the beach was perfect, the water was perfect, and the drinks were flowing. life was good!! Nothing better than a nap on the beach with 86 degree temp and cool breezes -after drinking the night before of course.

    We did the ABC Baby beach snorkeling tour. Didn't realize that there's only one guide per group and since theres more than one jeep then ummm, someone raise your hand if you know how to drive a stick shift..!!?? The tour was very average but it was a great way to see nearly the whole island so it was worth it. did Kukukunu which was fun -don't worry be stupid-

    All in all it was another great week in paradise. We may do other islands in our lifetime but I sure feel we'll be comparing all them to Aruba. ...just perfect.

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    thanks for posting!
    sorry that today is depressing........we feel your pain!

    re: US customs this past weekend
    apparently they had technical difficulties and what you experienced was not the norm.
    what a pain indeed!!!!

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    Sounds like a great trip, glad you had so much fun!

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    Thanks for the report... I especially love the naps on the beach!

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