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Thread: Just got back!

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    Aug 2012
    Thanks for the great report, we are going for our first time in 5 days and are very excited!

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    Thank you for posting glad you had a great time. If you decide to rent a car the cars are very reasonable on the island especially Tropic Car rental they are fantastic. Hans is good people.
    Next Aruba trip in

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    You Can Wonder

    I think thats one of Arubas positives you can wonder around and feel so safe .
    That does not happen at a lot of holiday destinations , Thats why its a little gem, and of course everything else , So glad you enjoyed it ,Do hope you will return. 3 weeks 6 days now and counting .

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    Thanks Boonie, what a great vacation. I love reading all the trip reports. Every thing you say about feeling safe is the reason we are headed to Aruba for 12 days, first trip.

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