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Thread: Kent Gerber back to Aruba for 20th trip

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    Aquaman..sorry to here about your return trip and accident. It sounds about how our trip started! sorry we could not hookup to snorkle. We did make it to Boca Catalina and had a great time! We got so busy when the family got here. They left yesterday and we did nothing but stay at pool, ate leftovers and I fell to sleep at 8 pm! I guess I finally needed to catch up on some sleep. I am finally trying to catch up a little bit on email and forum while sitting here outside. Its going to be a day at the beach today.
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    You or your wife replied to my question re: a place to stay for 1 night & I just contacted Club Arias. It looks pretty cool & different from what we're used to.
    Wish my husband & I had gone into the lawn business since it allows you all this time in ARUBA!! We'll be there in Oct. & looking forward to it. This will be my 7th visit I think & my husband's 3rd. I'll have to read more of your stuff to get good tips on new places to eat, things to do, etc.

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    Kent, you mentioned bringing a cooler of meat from home. Do they let you in without a problem? Would love to bring in some meat when we visit in January. Thoughts?

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    freeze the meat well
    make sure it is wrapped and packed well

    we then put our frozen things in a collapsable soft sided cooler, place that cooler in our checked luggage and surround it with our clothes.

    if your stuff is searched at aruba customs, one just says "i brought some frozen groceries from home". it is allowed.

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    Kent the day we went snorkling with you was a great experience, we are really bummed that we are just going to miss you. Hope everyone snorkeling with you has as much fun as we did. Enjoy your trip

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