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Thread: Marriot Resort and Divi Phoenix Beach Resort Wedding

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    Marriot Resort and Divi Phoenix Beach Resort Wedding

    I want to share my experience with all future brides thinking of getting married in Aruba. My name is Nay and I am from New Jersey.
    We arrived about 6 days prior to the wedding. We stayed for 2 weeks at The Marriot Resort where we have a time share. A large 1 bedroom which was great for the wedding day. We were married at The Courthouse the day before our actual wedding day on the beach at The Divi Phoenix Beach Resort in Eagle Beach. Our photographer from Miami took some beautiful photographs outside the courthouse. This was the civil part of our ceremony. The next day we started at The Marriot in our room. Our Photographer, Frank Panaro and his wife Angela documented our day.
    Frank did the photos and Angela shot the video. Frank is the most patient human being I have ever met is all I can say. You were great Frank.
    My sisters all helped me get ready while the photographers did their part with their cameras. Once I was in my wedding dress, Frank took alot of photos and video in our room first and then headed out to some locations that they knew of that were marvelous for the types of photographs we wanted to take. Frank really gets into his artist mode while creating stunning bridal images. It was real hot and we stayed out for a while shooting with just me and my husband.
    Once done, we headed over to the Divi Phoenix Beach Resort for our sunset ceremony. A typical beautiful Aruba day followed by a spectacular sunset.
    We took alot more photos/video after our ceremony with Frank and Angela.
    The reception started and we partied till about 11 pm on the beach with about 25 of our closest friends and family. The Divi did a real nice job.
    The service was excellent. The food was so tasty. Plenty of good drink for all. We were real pleased with all in Aruba.
    If you considering getting married in Aruba, check out The Divi Phoenix Beach Resort as they were real nice and did a good job.

    The photographer did a spectacular job. I had seen his work a bit before, and heard alot of good things about him which were all true. Our wedding planner kept insisting that we use her recommended photographers who we did not like at all, so we gave Frank a call to arrange his services. I am glad I did, as he is a master of his craft, and gets the job done.
    The local photographers we looked at on our own, we did not feel it what was we were looking for. Enough said, If you are looking for a real talented wedding photographer with many years of experience, then contact Frank Panaro Photography in Miami.

    The day after the wedding we all had a bit of a hangover, but it was well worth it. Most of our guests left 2 days after the wedding and me and my husband stayed another week just to RELAX. A real good idea it was.

    Thanks for reading my story.

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    welcome to the forum and thank you for posting.

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