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Thread: Marriott - September 2008

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    Thumbs up Marriott - September 2008

    We stayed at Marriott Stelaris and was the best choice we could have taken. we had read many post before paying reservations and we did not were wrong.

    Excuse my english i hope you understand. We are from Venezuela.

    The room was exactly as we expected, just see the Marriottīs official web site. The rooms are the best, really new brand rooms.

    We ate at Ruthīs Criss Steakhouse, my wife ask for the lobster and i ate the Ribeye (WOW... GREAT!!!), had no reservations but no problems here. (it won 5 stars, Itīs pricy but you wonīt be disappointed)

    next day in the downtown we lunch at Casa Tua, spanish food... The salad was great.. but we donīt recommend the "paella" (rice with seafood), give it 3 stars

    You can prepare your coffee with the machine, using Gourmet Water... :S It said that cost US$ 5,50 (they did not charged it to the account)

    Iīll give it 5 stars.

    We will repeat surely this hotel on next hollidays.

    some pics....

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    more pics...

    carpaccio (at ruthīs criss); lobby from the frontdesk, cheff at the breakfast, in our room, the beach

    we hope you like this review.

    Thank for help us to chosse this hotel.


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    Any Aruba beach...
    Very nice photos, thank you for sharing.

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    Renissance ocean suites pool bar,private island,Marriott Ocean club pool and pool bar,Marriott Casino,
    Great photos we stay at Marriott ocean club and surf club in Feb/Nov and love the inside wooden bar which is no longer there so the new bAR WE will learn to love.Same bar people Dennis and Sergerio.Been there since opening in early 90's Will enjoy in about 3 months J&R

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