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    marriott stellaris

    just came back from a short 3 night trip....went with my wife and her 2 friends as a christening trip for them to be indoctrinated into the aruba worked by the way as they are hooked.

    anyhow, we stayed at the stellaris and was quite disappointed with the condition of their beach. not only was there an unusual amount of seashells littering their beach front, but the vast amount of seaweed both on and inside the water was quite disturbing. while the stellaris has always had the lion share of the seaweed of all of the places on palm beach, this was just unbelievable.

    the good news is that once you get yourself over the wall of seaweed in the water (right at the shore line) the water is clear.

    on a side note, my wife and i finally came back positive from the casino!

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    gee i'm so disappointed to read this, was considering a all inclusive, but than I love to eat in different places, so gave this place serious thought, have a friend heading there in July, she will let me know if things still look the same, I love the pool, but also enjoy the ocean dips as well

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    I just got back from a week at the Marriott Stellaris (4/4-4/10) and saw very little seaweed or shells littering the shoreline. From 4/4 to 4/8 there was next to no seaweed, and on 4/9 we saw a few small patches of seaweed near the shoreline. The only reason I can imagine such a difference is that maybe it comes in with the tide occasionally. We stayed there last March as well, and the clean-up they did on the ocean floor was amazing. The water was as crystal clear as I'd ever seen it, and the the bottom was all very fine sand with no mud spots except for a small area in the far right hand corner.
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    While I was there there were two occassions that the ocean was very windy and it churned up the sea. The ocean floor was full of seaweed and the entry into the ocean was full of coral, small shells and it had a "lip" to get in. This is to be expected when you have a lot of wind. It takes a few days to clear up and then it is the beautiful ocean once again.
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