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Thread: mid week report, renaissance 1/7, riu palace 1/8-1/15

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    Hyatt, Playa Linda, Palm Beach, Casino
    WOW!!!!! Big Slot hits at those two casino?? I am in SHOCK!!! Nice going!
    I always liked the Crystal for their 3 Card Poker but ALWAYS struck out on the slots. Hope the luck returns.
    This is very encouraging for upcoming trip next month!

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    One of the most important reasons I rent a car on the island - terrible motion sickness - especially in the car.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    WOW! I'm so happy for your slots wins! Just when I thought we would cut back, you give me hope to keep trying
    Thanks for sharing your trip!

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    Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach, Eagle Beach.
    Nice winnings, nice trip so far.

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    Yes, it snowed in Ohio and the temperatures plummeted! 10 degrees on the way to work today!!! I did the obligatory mom thing and texted my son to make sure he wears and hat and gloves walking around that OSU campus. I"m sure you're enjoying the sun and warmth. I'm very envious.

    Great hits on the slots!!! We sound a lot like you. My hubby likes to gamble more than me. I'll put a $20 in a machine and when it's gone, I'm done. He puts another $50 in for me and says keep playing. I have never hit anything in the thousands. He has, but I'm still trying. I have a question about winning a larger amount in Aruba. Are you taxed on the winnings? Are you required to report the winnings in the US when doing taxes? My husband always says to cash out when you get close to $1000 (ya, right) because here in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, you'll get a 1099-G (I believe) for any jackpot over $1100.00.

    I could be wrong on my amounts, but just wondered what happens with a big win in Aruba.

    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyetodd View Post
    friday i was able to get a late check out and we went to the private island. island was wonderful as usual except all the damn flies. they were everywhere, especially over in the area around the food. we stayed until one or so then went to get cleaned up, packed, and headed for riu palace.

    at riu we meet with karina who handles the timeshares. check in was a breeze and we were in a two bedroom, two bath unit we rented at what i thought was a great price. we didn't do the all inclusive for two reasons, one we don't drink much and two, we like to eat different places. we walked around the high rise area, did some shopping, stopped at a couple casinos and had dinner at giannis. weather of course was fantastic, was told by kids it snowed in ohio.

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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    i do not think a big win is taxed in aruba

    we won over $6K once and it was in cash.

    the us customs form (departing aruba) asks if you are bringing home over $10K worth of cash or merchandise.
    i wonder who answers honestly?

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    Sounds like a wonderful trip so far. Casino wins always make it so much better. We are freezing here in Columbus so I envy you. Aruba is the place to be this time of year. Please keep sharing your trip and have a wonderful time. We want to try Daniel's steak house on our visit in July.

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    tuesday evening we went towards eagle beach because we wanted to eat at the hollywood smokehouse at alahambra. can honestly say its the best meal we have had so far. i had the pulled pork, stacy had grouper lettuce wrap, brother had cheeseburger and sis in law had chicken sandwich. everybody said their food was very good. while taking taxi was able to see the lake that was once eagle beach. couldn't believe how much water was on it. thankful we weren't in area. played some at alahambra casino, won some cash with my free play but gave it back on the tables, which were brutal.

    afterwards we enjoyed some baskin-robbins ice cream...yum.

    when we got back to the riu palace, we decided to hang out a while and watch their "pirate show". although the kids performing were talented, it just wasn't our thing and we left after a half hour or so. was kind of artsy and that isn't anything any of us was interested in.

    this morning we went down to the beach for a while. i stayed out of the sun because, although not burnt, i'm starting to feel the sun on my forehead and around my eyes. i've been pretty consistent with putting on the sunscreen but i've got some dryness etc... did have a visitor at my chair by the name of aruba man, for 50+ years old that dude is in pretty good shape. after reading others comments, i made a purchase and hope the aloe soothes my skin.

    we decided to snorkel today. tried to keep the cost down as my brother had no interest in snorkeling but was okay with going on a boat ride. we decided on jolly pirates and had a wonderful time. we only stopped at two different places to snorkel and also did the rope swing thing. the crew was friendly and as i said, we had a fantastic time.

    think we are going to head north to the mall area, maybe even do some bowling tonight to stay busy and stay out of the casinos.

    til tomorrow


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    Thanks for posting your live trip report, I love to read them. I am was psyched to see that you won big your first night, great win. Good luck tonight, enjoy the rest of your trip.

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    We also enjoy Hollywood Smokehouse and I always order the pulled pork. Their sauce is so good and they will sell you a bottle of it to go.

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