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Thread: Mosquitos!! on Renaissance Island

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    Angry Renaissance Marina

    Just got back tonight from the Renaissance Marina. Loved Aruba and the special island. But, we were not happy with the staff at the Renaissance Marina. We had a"sexy and sultry" package. Room was clean and bed was very comfortable. Room view was "resort view". Therefore, we saw inside of building from room. Horrible view. nable to see outside at all. Balcony was useless. Staff at front desk was totally non-caring. Never apologized for any problems. Never asked how our stay was when we were checking out. With our package we received $50 beverage credit which we were told twice during our stay would be credited upon checkout. Finally posted once we read bill carefully and confirmed that we were owed the credit. I am sure many guests leave resort without properly receiving their credit. Booking excursions with tour guide in lobby totally useless. We wanted to go on sunset cruise on Monday evening our last night on the island. We inguired on Friday concerning reservations. Representative said come back on Monday morning to reserve slot. Of course when we returned on Monday entire boat was booked. Unable to go on the cruise. really disappointing. But, not surprising since staff seemed to be uneducated and uninformed. Loved Aruba but never again will we stay at the Renaissance. We will opt to stay in the high-rise section on Pam Beach.

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    Just returned July 31st and for the first time in 15 years we were bitten by mosquitoes at the private island on the adult side. We sat at the far end near the mangroves but I had to move because they were swarming around my head. (I think they liked my hair products). They were spraying all around that area. We had some rainy weather the first few days (and it had rained quite a bit the previous weeks) so that caused the mosquitoes to be out in full force. Once I moved my spot they were not a problem.

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    I live in Minnesota, where the state bird is a mosquito. ;-)

    The best mosquito repellent I have found is Ultrathon, made by 3M. They developed it for the military. Smells bad, works great!

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