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Thread: My Aruba Story...was removed

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    Angry My Aruba Story...was removed

    So, my Aruba story was removed because of an issue that the ATA is having with a certain wedding company and photographer in Aruba. However, the ATA rep for this board and another ATA rep promised to help me get a resolution. Well, it's been almost a month since the ATA rep for this board promised to get me the legal counsel's information with no response at all from him. And then it's been about three weeks since the other ATA rep told me their legal counsel was working on the issue but again with no contact information.

    How are the tourists supposed to get resolution if no one follows through on their offer for help? How are other brides or couples to know about these issues if reviews and stories are removed? Do they just want people to continue to get scammed by this company? Do they want other people to have a tarnished view of Aruba like my husband and I do right now? Our view of Aruba was slightly tarnished to this company and photographer, but now that this ATA officials haven't followed through on their promise to help it is completely ruined! Why would you want people to look back at their time on your island with disdain and anger rather than joy and promises to return? I'm so completely frustrated at this point and at the lack of communication and professionalism by these officials.

    I'm sure this will be removed as well, but I just wanted to vent.
    Amy & Dave

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    I hope its not removed. The only way you can truly make judgments is if all sides are posted. When postings are censored, it helps no one.

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    this addendum that you expected me to delete per instruction of the ATA was not deleted

    i hope that rayon, the forum administrator can shed some light on all of this in non legal terms, so that we can all understand.
    i / "we" as i am one that has been pummeling him with questions.
    til then, a recap....
    an aruban vendor who has to remain nameless due to legal issues, has wronged some brides/grooms.
    he was banned from this site 10 months ago.
    those brides grooms have tried to get restitution and to warn others.

    legal complications arose on the end of the vendor and the aruba tourism authority

    the aruba tourism attorney has requested/required that the vendor's name be removed and all posts about him removed.
    i have been chipping away and finding posts...........trying to remove the things that need removing and leaving as much as i can.

    i am closing this thread, not deleting, but i do hope that rayon does reply and explain in a manner that is easily understood by all, including those wronged.

    censorship is something we do not take lightly.
    this forum is owned and operated by the aruba tourism authority.....a branch of the government's dept of tourism.
    the government's lawyers have instructed guidelines to rayon and he has instructed me.
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