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Thread: My Aruba trip-1/12-1/24/11

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    Smile My Aruba trip-1/12-1/24/11

    Well, I am back in Boston--freezing and looking to next January to be back in paradise.

    Pre Day 1-1/12

    Left home in 18 inches of snow to get to Airport Hotel for 7AM flight on 1/13. Got there and kept fingers crossed for the flight

    Day 1-1/13

    Jet Blue had problems with refueling, but left 1 hr late(but on the way)
    Arrived Aruba 2:15PM, on to Divi Aruba
    Balashi tasted great at Beach Bar
    Ate at Matthews with friends--first time and it was okay, nothing outstanding
    Early to Bed--long 2 days

    Day 2
    Staying in Beach Casita-up at 6:30AM to get a thatched umbrella.
    Wife up at 8, Breakfast, sun, lunch, pool, balashi
    Dinner at MJ's, not as bad as last yr, but service was sorry, at best. Forum readers should be told that salads can be split almost in 4th they are so large. My surf & turf(Lobster, shrimp & scallops was divine
    Alhambra Casino(lose a little)
    Music at the Beach Bar

    Day 3
    All the same until dinner
    Windows on Aruba-service impeccable, food simply great
    Dance at beach bar

    Day 4

    As above
    Catholic Services at Aruban at 5
    Watch Pats lose
    Late dinner at Red Parrot--so, so
    Casino--I win quite big at 3 card poker
    Music and dancing at Beach Bar

    Day 5

    Golf at the Divi Links
    At beach by 12:30Pm
    Beach, pool etc
    Dinner at Paparazzi--food and service were actually great
    Lose a little at Casino
    Music etc

    Day 6
    As #4
    Dinner at Marandi-showed up 1 day early-I made an error on my list of reservations, but the owner was unbelievable-said it must have been their mistake(I have emailed him thanks already). He got us the exact table we would have wanted--on pier, on water. Service, Food and wine were unbelievable. I can recommend this restaurant to everyone.
    Casino-more winnings

    Day 7
    Golf 9 holes-wonderful time and then to beach, pool etc. Remembering last night we showed up at Passions 1 day late. Maitre De was again great--he told us it was no problem and at sunset we were at a table for 2 in first row next to beach. Food, wine and service was very good. I have emailed GM of the Amsterdam Hotel to thank him.
    Small loss at Casino
    Bed quickly tonight

    Day 8
    We never change beach, food, pool, drinks
    Dinner at L G Smiths-this was fabulous-service was impeccable, food was extremely good. Steak was to die for
    Casino - win again!!!!!

    Day 9

    All the same as day 8
    Dinner at Paparazzi again and just as good as before
    Casino-lose a little
    Music and dancing

    Day 10

    Again--all the same
    Decided to eat at Buffet. Right after salad and soup-all power lost in hotel. Some came back but not to cook.
    Generators etc allowed for the Pizza Bar to stay ope. Ate there
    Casino open

    Power Back-music

    Day 11

    Beach, pool, catholic services, Red Parrot for dinner-slightly better service, food fair
    Last night at Casino--win again
    I cannot believe it I won $900 for 11 days-----but, but, my wife lost $600
    Music, Dance

    Day 12
    Okay, I'm sad.
    Check out at 11AM
    Taxi to airport at 11:30 for our 2:15 Jet Blue flight.
    Being a Monday we basically strolled through all the customs and were at the Bar at our Gate 5 by noon.

    Pilot let everyone know that it was -2 degrees in Boston and that if any one wanted to get off and stay in paradise, that then was the time. Ha--no one got off.

    Arrived home and froze

    Just a note for forum guests. While dining in Aruba the dress was casual, most everyone we saw at all of the above restaurants were well dressed. Shorts were only seen on a few men. My wife and I were dressed accordingly. We have been in Aruba 7 yrs in a row and the diners were more dressed than ever before.

    360 days til we are back

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Thanks for sharing the important details Sorry you had to come home

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    Thanks for sharing.Glad to hear that between you and your wife you came out winners at the casinos.The only thing you didn't mention was the weather,did it rain at all?Happy if it didn't.Again thank you.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    NICE thanks :-)

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    Never rained while we were in Aruba, except while in the Casino at night. On 2 occasions we left the casino at around 11PM to find monsoons? had hit while we were inside. How can I ever complain.

    Also, maybe 1 or 2 mosquitoes at 6:30AM--nothing else.

    But we noticed flies everywhere---never noticed before.


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    Sounds like a great trip. Thank you for sharing. We just can't wait to get back.

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    Enjoyed your report! Did you say Mass at the Aruban? What day and time please?


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    Eagle Beach, exploring the "Outback", Madi's tour to the Natural Pool , dinner at Papiamento's
    Thanks for your great report! These are what keep the rest of going while waiting for our next Aruba visit!

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    Catholic Services

    Mass is at 5PM on Sundays at the Aruban

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