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Thread: My trip 6/19 to 6/26

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    Enjoy! !

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    I was also disappointed in the selection and cost....but I lean more toward the Bacardi not too bad..Superfoods for a liter was $30...pricey. I do try and pack a couple fifths of the plastic bottles to try and save a few bucks!

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    Glad you made it Ace! Keep it coming!

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    Enjoy are Paradise island ARUBA....have fun
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    Trip seems off to great start, granted there was the two hour delay; however the quick trip to Immigration, baggage claim and check-in more than made up for the delay.Looking forward to hearing about the remainder of your current trip. Enjoy!!

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    Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach, Eagle Beach.
    Day 2 6/20/16

    Took a walk to Super foods at 8am. I was going to do my shopping on my first day Sunday at 3pm but the website said that they close at 2pm on Sunday. I found out that was not true that they were opened until 6pm.

    I hung out at the pool for a change. I rarely ever use the pool but it was 1130am and I figured the beach huts were all taken. I actually enjoyed the pool and even went on the pool slide a few times. These little kids were asking me to slide backwards, forward and I tell them, hey I'm 105 years old.They were like really? "Mom that man is 105 years old and he goes on the slide so no excuse for you"

    As far as MVC versus la cabana, there is no comparison or its apples to oranges. MVC is a no frills motel like which is good for singles or couples on a budget. It's just a plain room with a shower and small fridge no microwave. At La Cabana I have a 1 bedroom suite with living room, full kitchen, balcony.

    Dinner was at La Terraza Italiana. Near the pool entrance there is a stair case but you have to go up 3 flights of stairs. Poor Ms Daisy who is 91 walked up those flights after walking there from La Cabana. Later on I found out the elevator is all the way towards the back of resort and then you walk forward towards restaurant.

    The owner, host, chef Mimi is very gracious. She greets you and someone comes over to give you menus and take your drink order. Then Mimi herself comes over to take your order and she will accommodate the order for you if you don't like mushrooms for example. I had a shrimp with olive oil and garlic that came with a lentil soup and with shrimp risotto. Ms Daisy had a chicken marsala type dish with the shrimp risotto. My Shrimp dish was delicious but the shrimp risotto was out of this world. I rarely see Rissotto or Polenta at NY Italian Restaurant and her Italian style of cooking was very different than what I'm used to. The price was very good too! Dessert was 2 small mini cannolis which were not so good. Not sure if they were home made or from a bakery. I'm glad I ordered the mini.

    The view was awesome! I took some great photos I posted on FB. When I get back I will post the photo. I don't have it loaded in my kindle. So overall La Terraza is worth it for the 530 to 630 cocktail hour to enjoy views or dinner. For dinner you need a reservation because tables are limited and all items are cooked to order so it can take a long while to get a table as a walk in.

    Afterward I went to the bliss casino for 2 hours. I walked out $5 up and previous day was $25 up so no donations so far.

    Back to my lazy day vacation!
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    Glad to hear that all is well.

    Yes indeed there is no comparison with MVC and LaCabana.
    Absolutely Apples vs Oranges

    Mimma does a bang up job with her new restaurant.
    The place is getting some very good reviews.
    I hope that AndyM returns and gives it another try.

    Sorry Ms Daisy had to hoof it up all those stairs...but her risotto more than made up for it?

    thanks ed/ace for sharing.
    continue to enjoy .

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    Anywhere where I can see the turquoise-blue ocean
    Haha! Loved the story about you being 105 years old! And no excuse for the mom not to go on the slide! Hihihi...

    Amazing that Ms Daisy could accompany you again! Being 91!

    Thanks for the visual on LaCabana and the great view! Enjoy your vacation!

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    I bet those kids will be talking about you & looking for you all week! Thanks for the tip on the elevator. I really want to check it out, but I'm putting off my knee replacement surgery till after Aruba and those stairs would have left me eating poolside! lol
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Any beach!!
    I've been thinking about giving LeTerraza a try but have been on the fence. Your comments make it sound worthwhile.

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