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Thread: My trip 6/19 to 6/26

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    The Pearl at Eagle Beach
    Glad you enjoyed Bavaria. It's nice to support the little guys. We'll be back there again in a few months.


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    Oh yes by domino pizza ...I think will try before we go home .sounds good to us...
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    i am glad that you and ms daisy enjoyed your dinners at bavaria!
    sounds delicious.

    i am in agreement with peter re: bad reviews.
    we have all read them and many of us shake our heads.........and wonder why the diners did NOT allow the place to fix the problem.
    sometimes i think that folks like to make these bad reviews in the hopes that the restaurant owner/manager will step up and offer something free as a way of compensation and trying to make things right.
    i find thiese kinds of posting reviews despicable.

    it is amazing that folks will so quickly turn to the internet instead of to the wait staff or management.

    continue to have fun ace!
    enjoy and thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by ArubaAce View Post
    Day 4 6/22/16

    Woke up at 630am to my usual daily routine of sitting in the balcony meditating for 30 minutes. One observation, at la cabana the workers are up at that time cleaning the pools and grounds. You have to hand it to them they do work very hard to keep the resort spotless. The house keeping staff has been wonderful as well and even put all the dishes, utensils to wash in the dishwasher. I noticed this morning when I could not find any plates and sure enough they were in the dishwasher. They also had someone bring up a shower bench for Ms Daisy without me asking and they brought up a nice flower pot with red little flowers. I will have to come up with an appropriate tip. I will take suggestions.

    After breakfast I relax typing my trip report for previous day. I went to the beach yesterday and it was overcast and pleasantly very windy. Oh I saw the Aloe man! I called him over and he rubbed some aloe on my back and shoulders. Wow that felt so soothing! I usually get burned in the shoulders, back of neck area but so far so good. I really wanted an aloe bottle but had no money on me. He said he might pass bye again during the week but he mostly spends time at Palm Beach.

    For lunch I had Pizza from Sbarro by the pool from La cabana. I wanted to get a pie from pizza bob but I was just too lazy to go accross the street to Tropicana. On this trip I've been really tired but finally woke up refresh today day 5 with energy.

    For dinner I went to Bavaria. The staff was very pleasant. Peter asked me where did I hear about them and I mentioned this forum. I asked him about what was up with Thai food at a German place. He explained that there are no Thai restaurants in the island and there is a small demand for it by locals so he will continues to offer it if they ask for it.

    The food was delicious! I had the veal wiener schnitzel with the German noodles. The veal was tender, nicely breaded, not greasy and tasty. The portion was not hanging over the plate like at Barneys but just right. Ms Daisy had the special which was a ham hock with mashed potatoes and cabbage which was also wonderful. We both had beers. We both had this light beer which was like a Becks called something gold (sorry I don't remember the full name) and then I tried the first dark lager on the list which was excellent. For dessert we shared the Apple strudel with ice cream.

    Overall the place is casual, they treat you like a guest at their home, food and beer is excellent at a reasonable price. Peter and I got into a discussion about trip advisor reviews. He mentioned that it's unfair to write up a bad review when the patron did not give him a chance to make it right. For example, my veal was tender but someone else on trip advisor mentioned it was a ruff cut. Peter said he buys the best quality but unfortunately sometimes you do get a bad cut which he can't detect visually but if a customer mentions it he would accommodate him with another one or something else. I agree with him.

    Afterward it was back to Glitz Casino for 2 hours and Ms Daisy lost $40 but is still up $55 for the week.

    Since I'm feeling a little more energetic this morning, I may go for a walk.

    Until tomorrow.

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    Day 5 6/23

    I enjoyed my usual morning meditation on the balcony and being grateful for the positive things in life including this trip. After breakfast in the room, I decided to take a walk towards MVC Eagle Beach and say hello to the Manager Christine. She was so grateful I stopped bye to visit with her and thanked me for the great review I posted on trip advisor. I told her it's possible I may stay there again in November for 5 nights but the airfare from NY right now is extremely high for November like $1,200 last time I checked.

    Yesterday I spent the day at the pool and Ms Daisy enjoyed the hot whirlpool for her arthritis. Afterwards, we had left overs (ribs, fries, corn) from dinner a few nights at la cabana.

    Dinner was at MJs. It was not on my list originally but I was in the mood for almond grouper and so I chose MJ. This was the 2nd time I've dined there and all I can say is, what took me so long to return. The first time was 3 or 4 years ago. However since then I've dined at Pinchos, Daniels, Barneys, Bingoes, Wacky Wahoo, The West Deck, Gostosos, Tulip, Ricardos, Hollywood Smoke House, QDC etc. I had a goal of visiting 1 or 2 new Restaurants per trip and it became like 3 or 4.

    Back to MJ, service was excellent, Martinis were perfect, Almond grouper wonderful and Coco Rasta shrimps giant coconut prawns were melt in your mouth. Ms Daisy really loved MJs but doesn't remember we dined there once. We have left overs for lunch today.

    Afterwards, we spent the usual 2 hours at the casino and I believe Ms Daisy lost $30 to $40 but still up for the week $25. I'm glad she has been able to play her slot 2 hours every night and still be ahead.

    Today will be beach day in an hour. Let's see if Ms Daisy will get in the water today. She was embarrassed because someone helped me take her out of the water and another person helped me walk her to la palapa. However, she is 91 and its a very steep climb up from the water and up to the Palapa. I appreciated the help and one man responded, it was my pleasure. Which is why I love Aruba so much! Not only are the natives wonderful but the quality of American Vacationers are classy.

    I'm feeling so relaxed and so grateful for this trip!
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    I wish ALL sons were as wonderful to their Moms as you are to yours.

    Glad you're relaxed and enjoying your time there.

    MJs Almond grouper is the best! YUM
    Again, thanks for sharing.

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    Lovin' your vacation...... we go to M J's next week and really look forward to our annual visit...!

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    My mom is already worried about not being able to get in the ocean this year and our trip isn't till August! No need for Ms. Daisy to be embarrassed. I'm sure she's helped many people in many ways during her younger years.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Thanks for the report. I think its great you took your mom with you. 91 and still going to Aruba, I love it!

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    Great review... so nice of you taking mom.. my son tells me "if momma ain't happy nobody is?"
    She is very blessed to have a great son such as you.
    But again there is a saying if a man treats his mother with the greatest respect he will do the same for his wife..

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    Hey - my DH has helped me in and out of the ocean more than once due to rough waves, huge drop offs etc. I was never embarrassed but felt very proud to have such a caring hubby I believe most people feel happy when they see people helping people regardless of their age or circumstance. Keep up the good work Ace, make your Mom proud.

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