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Thread: Near Drowning @ Mangel Halto. Caution in the currents!!!!

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    Near Drowning @ Mangel Halto. Caution in the currents!!!!

    I have to tell you a very Happy story!! 2 days ago Kyra and Nevin, ( our part time Aruban boy) had 7 people on a private tour and I had 2 people on a private tour. As we were about to end the tour, we were ready to go over the boat. Kyra and Nevin got there first and I was about 30 seconds behind them. I heard 2 people screaming and hollering and looking towards shore so I thought they were trying to get some friends attention. Right then I heard HELP!!!! I seen Kyras pink shirt flying over to them. She had to swim about 300 yards so I told my 2 people to go over the boat with Nevin and the other 7 snorkelers of ours. I just thought if 2 people were in trouble and Kyra is the only one with no scooter, that could be bad so I raced over as fast as I could kick and with the scooter on high! Kyra beat me there by about 20 seconds and she put the 2, 60 year old ladies on their backs and when I got there, the one lady grabbed around my neck and I was good because I had flippers on and a snorkel tube in my mouth so both ladies had about 1 to 2 minutes and they would have been goners!! The one lady already sucked in some salt water and both ladies were shaking in fear. I told Kyra to go back to our 2 groups to help Nevin and I assured the 2 ladies that I would get them back to shore safe. I asked the older one to grab my arm so I could pull her in and she had no strength left to do that. I rolled her up on my back because she was just moaning and I asked the other lady to grab my arm. She just about squeezed my arm off because she was so scared. She was crying and said: I knew we were going to die. I have never seen so much fear in someone's eyes. I had the scooter on high and I could not kick because the other lady was on my back and I did not want to kick her legs and the current was screaming into my face so it took awhile to get them to shore. The one lady kept saying: You saved our lives. When we were standing up, they were to weak to walk out so I carried them and when we hit the sand, they both collapsed.They told me on the way in that 4 couples came here for the first time from Virginia. They were all snorkeling there in the shallow so when they were ready to get out, the 6 came out and the 2 were getting pulled over to the deeper boat channel. The other six just thought they wanted to snorkel some more so they went behind the mangroves to there hut and started to drink beer and have a good time. They could not see or hear from the 2 ladies. So I ran around the corner and found 6 people under a hut and asked if there was a Brad and Dave there. They said Yes. I told them there spouses just about drowned and they need to get over here. We went running back and the ladies were just laying there. When I was carrying the one out, she said: Why am I shaking so much? I really believe their bodies were in the process of shutting down. They were hugging and kissing me and then I told them the real hero was Kyra because she took off first. I just did the finish work and pulled them in. I believe Kyra could have pulled one of them back without a scooter but not 2. They did write a trip advisor the same day and they said: Aruba Bob Saved Us!! When I read it, it almost sounded like they were on our tour and then they got sucked away and then we went and saved them so tonight we are going to respond so we can clear that up so we did leave a response and its all there. When they were laying on the beach, I noticed the one lady had thick sole sandals on so that was like wearing wood shoes. Also they had no flippers or life jackets on. Sorry to be so long winded. I am not writing this to make us look like the Hero's, because I believe God put us in that spot for a reason. He can get all the praise and credit. We just did like any other Human would do if they seen someone in trouble. If you ever snorkel Anywhere, please wear a life jacket. The kind that you can blow up if you are in trouble. I have seen many people get a leg cramp or a gulp of salt water and if you can't blow air in the vest to float them, you can be in real trouble. We are really the only tour on Aruba that a life jacket is mandatory so we are going to keep it this way. Please snorkel safe!!! Aruba Bob
    Snorkel Mangel Halto, day or night with a waterscooter. Check out our website. E-mail Stuart at or call Stuart local: 745-7459 Or visit: 50th trip Dec 11, 2017

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    hats off to you and your daughter.
    what an incredible act of bravery.
    how lucky those woman were
    you surely will be rewarded from above
    thank you, you are a good man Kent and you raised your daughter right.

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    2,793 glad you were there at the right time. Hats off to you.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Awesome job Kent, we think you and Kyra are heroes!!

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    Thank God for putting you and Kyra in the right place at the right time! I also want to thank you for sharing this story. People have to respect the power of the sea. We went to Mangel Halto on our own before we took your tour, but were cautious not to get too far from shore, not knowing the area or the currents.

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    Those 2 women were very fortunate that you and your daughter were there! Thank you for the reminder to be safe when in the water. Glad this story had a happy ending!

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    WOW - What a story. You and Krya were these ladies angels.

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    WOW, great job saving 2 peoples lives! You and Kyra ARE heros! Way to look out for your fellow man or in this case, 2 women...impressive!

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    Terrific job Kent and Kyra!!

    I am so proud of you and your staff!!

    Well done.

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    What a story! Brought tears to me eyes! You and Kyra are angels!

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