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Thread: Oct. 2 -Oct. 23, 2015 LaCabana

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    Cool Oct. 2 -Oct. 23, 2015 LaCabana

    Trip Report: Oct.2-Oct 23, 2015 La Cabana

    What an amazing three weeks in Aruba we had. The weather was perfection, sunny and blue skies every day, quite unusual for October. Usually we have a cloudy day or two, it’s not unusual for us to have a thunderstorm. But not this year, every day was perfection. It did seem hotter than usual this year. Apparently, there was a terrible thunderstorm in the wee hours on the day we arrived with some major flooding. Then a day or so after we left there was another flooding event with power outages.

    The water was clear and easy to be in whether you werestanding, walking or swimming. There was only one day where the water had a strong undertow. Otherwise, perfection again.

    We were so glad that we were able to stay in our room for the entire 3 weeks. So glad we didn’t have to move. It was so good to see all our Aruba friends there and to catch up on everything. We enjoyed going out to dinner and going to the casino together. Speaking of casinos, I have to say we enjoyed playing at the Ritz Carlton and the Hyatt especially this year. But we always managed to stop in at the Alhambra. Me to visit my favorite machines and DH to play BJ and visit with the dealers.When we go back in June we will have to spend more time (and money) at the Glitz. It is nice having our own casino right at our resort.

    As for dining out, we had some great meals and some that were not bad, but just ok. No big deal.
    On our first night in Aruba we always go to Pizza Bob’s (the one by Elliotti’s) and just try to chill after our long flight, checking in, getting unpacked, grocery shopping. Because we are there for 3 weeks, we try to eat out one night and then eat in the next, whether we are having leftovers or cooking something easyand quick. After all, we are on vacation.

    Some of the other restaurants we visited this year were:

    Bavaria, meal was excellent and had fun taking crazy pictures
    Barney’s, went there twice and it was so good both times
    Pam Pam, nice Dutch restaurant, good food, reasonably priced and quite unique
    Hollywood Smokehouse, not bad and convenient to Alhambra
    Hooters for wings
    The Islander Grill for our last breakfast and a lunch here and there, always great service

    Arubaville, very nice, great food, excellent location. A little difficult to find and even more difficult to
    return to the main road, but I’m sure a few more visits and it will be easier.

    Daniel’s Steak and Chops, excellent food and very professional wait staff
    Hostaria da Vittorio, my new favorite Italian restaurant.

    Zuzuroh,excellent dining experience. We had the cheese wheel and a gorgonzola salad, for two. It was
    so good. We wanted to have a meal that we could share and not have any leftovers because we were
    leaving the next morning. This worked out perfectly.The salad had blue cheese, apples, cukes, red
    onions, black olives, walnuts, lettuce and toms. Wish I had some right now.

    So glad to see our friends Larry and Nancy, Diane and Linda, Bob and Chris, Judy and Frank, John and Irene, Marilyn and Bruce, Jeff and Diane and group, Dom and Tracy and group. That takes up a lot of beach real estate. It was also, very nice to see Mike there this year. Also Joe and Rose, Sandy and Leo and family.

    Our room was very well taken care of by the housekeeping dept. We were very pleased. The beachboys were great (Garth, Tomas and all of them really.) Also we can’t forget the security team.

    There was one incident that was a little scary and very weird for me. It was 8:00 one morning and I was about to get my coffee, etc. and get down to the beach when alarms started ringing, a lady came on the loud speaker and said everyone should leave NOW and don’t use the elevators, use the stairs. Well, I poked my head out the door and didn’t see fire or smell smoke and no one was really moving very fast. In fact, there was only a few girls in the hallway, one was combing her hair. I asked if there was a fire and the girl said she thought itwas a fire drill. Another lady came by with an arm full of orange towels and started yelling, get out, get out, take your shoes and room key. It was so weird I thought I was dreaming. With the alarm still sounding, I decided to leave the room, in my pjs. I went out and proceeded down the stairs, I was alone. On the second floor I come upon a maintenance man with a wide brimmed hat washing the stairs, etc. He never even looked up at me. I thought it was strange that someone would be washing the stairs when they were telling people to take the stairs because of a fire. I thought for sure this was a dream, (what the heck did I eat last night). When I reached the first floor, I was shocked to see everyone coming and going asusual. There were even people getting off the elevator with the biggest floats I have ever seen! And there I was in my pjs. Geez. I found two workers there and ask them about a fire or fire drill. They didn’t have a clue. They said no it couldn’t be a fire because a lady would have been on the loud speaker. Well, I said she was on the loud speaker and she said to get out and to use the stairs. He called on the house phone and after a while he told me that there was no fire but that a sprinkler in one of the units had gone off. So I took the elevator back up to my room and started my day. It was so weird, the lady with the pile of orange towels screaming to Get Out, Get Out, the man washing the stairs in the stairwell and the people getting off the elevatorwith the HUGE floats and me in my pjs. Later, we learned that there was some kind of water event with a sprinkler and rooms on the second floor were flooded. But thank God no fire or smoke. So weird, all this happened before I even had my coffee. This was a good story to tell everyone on the beach, of course they were all there before me.

    Next visit will bein June, hoping for great weather and generous casinos!
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    Ok what did you drink the night before! LOL Fire Drill, Pjs, love it.
    Thanks for posting. 3 weeks is nice especially when you don't have to move. I once went for 2 weeks at the Divi Golf and they also put me in a room for 2 weeks so no moving..

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    Thank you so much for a great review on a lovely 3 week stay.

    The he fire story certainly made me sit up more while reading. How bizarre!

    We all hope for good casino visits too.

    Thanks so so much for sharing.

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    Great report and I liked your restaurant choices..... And you got to see lots of friends from previous years..... nothing better than that! Thanks for sharing!

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    What an odd experience! Great story to tell though! Thanks for sharing!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    marriott casino
    Going on 16th year in Aruba in Jan.At Costa Linda for the month .Can relate to the first years changing rooms each friday.Clothes and food was a chore.Took us 8 years to get all 4 weeks in the same unit. Wonderful if multi weeks and don't have to move
    From Marblehead ma.Every Jan stay at Costa Linda.For last 20 years.

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    Great report Kathy. I started reading it and thought it all sounded very familiar, lol! It is always so nice to see you and the DH every year and really enjoyed the fire drill/pj story! Look forward to seeing everyone next year!

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    La Cabana was good to us this year with the same thing, same room for 22 days. They even were able to put my Daughter and family in the one bedroom next to us for the week they were there. Must have had a lot of empty rooms because they were working on six rooms at a time replacing the balcony doors and windows.

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