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Thread: One week at the Occidental

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    Yes it is Andrea-- now I dont have to worry about HIS shaving stuff cluttering the counter (so I can clutter it with mine)

    I also read that Royal club has their own pool...where is that located?

    It states they have their own private beach-- well I saw that area and I do not think its private-- there are little signs on the palapa that says reserved for Royal club members.

    Do you know what color bracelets they use?

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    the little signs on the palapas are what they are referring to as "private"
    those particular palapas are for "royal club members"
    there is not one inch of palm beach aruba that is private.
    none of the beaches on the island are private (excluding the private islands...depalm or renaissance)

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by serene56 View Post
    I also read that Royal club has their own pool...where is that located?
    I would love to hear the answer to that one as well.

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    No the Royal Club doesn't have a private pool. I have never heard that one. Now the BIG units on the end of tower one (they are huge) have a hot tub on the balcony, and I think it also has one in one of the bathrooms. That unit is beautiful, we went to a wine tasting there.
    Now as far as the "private" beach. That was one things that a salesman tried to tell us--a selling point for a timeshare. I jumped all over that one. NO the beach is NOT private (as I so kindly told him) Just like Andrea said--but then his point was about the palapas being reserved.
    You were in tower two if you were on the Raddison side. That is where the timeshare we stayed in was. We were on the pool side. It really was a great room, and YES I LOVED having more than one bathroom.
    When we first started going to the Occidental they didn't have the wire around that restaurant you talked about and I only ate there once. But now it is much better inside. You just have to expect the birds outside. Also this time they cooked outside several days, but you could still eat inside too.
    The Royal Club bracelets are gold and the timeshare was black. Oh and I saw a lady in the vacation club "bar" that had lost her bracelet in the ocean, and she was leaving the next day. They made her pay $45.00 for a new bracelet. I could NOT believe that. My hubby had to have his taken off because he went to the hospital a few years ago, and the Royal Club DID NOT do that to us. That was crazy--to me.
    Hope that answered your questions.

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    no pool at royal club, also the royal club attempted to rope off a certain part of beach, where their palapas sit, well that lasted a few days. not allowed under aruba law, public beaches... we own all vacation club weeks, i would never upgrade to royal club. too much $$$$, the royal club bar on the beach is always dead, all the shucking and jiving is at the beach bar..
    as far as room's, in my opinion, the front rooms on the vacation club are nicer, more open space...
    as for the bracelet charge, they have a legitimate reason, from past issues..

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