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Thread: O's-Pope Francis visit Aruba!

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    Cindy grew wings and flew like sister Bertrille and Rob put the JetLev on and flew above the wter to join Cindy in the sky.
    The Pope, however needed his Alitalia plane as it was time to....

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    Make his farewells to all his new Arban friends and especially the O's. He walked to the road in front of the Marriott A small group had gathered. As he waited for his little Fiat, he motioned to Rob and Cindy to go for a private talk. Rob and Cindy slowly walked across to join the pope. It was then that they saw a smile on the popes face that was different to the other smiles they had seen. When they reached the pope, he reached out an placed his arms around them. " Rob, Cindy. I will now share my little secret with you. I confused my Alitalia pilots. You see, there really isn't a big difference between the spelling of The Vatican and that of The Vacation. I will let you guess what I instructed."

    God Bless, and Farewell.
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