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Thread: Our 20th Visit

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    Cool Our 20th Visit

    Our 20th Visit-aruba14.jpgObservations of our 20th visit to Aruba
    In May of 1989 we took a 5 day vacation with another couple and stayed at the Holiday Inn, we fell in love with Aruba and bought a timeshare at Paradise Beach Villas. By far this is one of the best decisions we have made, and the great memories we have from all the visits are too many to mention.
    In 1989 the High rise area ended at the Holiday Inn, no Hyatt, no RUI, no Malls, very few shops across from the Hotels. Donkeys and goats walking around by the hotel area, no condos, no modern super markets, no traffic lights or heavy traffic, all the activity was down town.
    I did notice this year much more activity in maintaining the roads clean and grass cutting, no more plastic bags hanging from trees etc. The down town Main Street area looks great with the trolley taking people around has for sure increased business again. At the airport the new solar panels to supply power for the airport are being installed, it did take a long time for the solar and wind power to be used but it is happening.
    On a sad note in talking to Arubans they informed me that the current government is spending more than what they have (sounds familiar) and their bond rating has gone from AAA to BBB-, with this happening many investors have backed out of some projects and some are half done and no money to finish, you don’t notice this but like they told me “this government does a good job of putting make up to cover up the truth”. They are also having a problem with illegals from South America, it is straining their social medicine and causing the ones who work and the tourists to be over taxed.
    The good is that the sun shines every day the beaches are clean the water is sparkling and warm and the locals are still friendly loving people who appreciate tourism and are happy to have us return year after year.
    Will be back again ….

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    thanks for sharing Tavilas!
    like the USA, Aruba is a much "better place" for those that in search of a better life.

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    Did you get you Ambassador Certificate?

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