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Thread: Our first car rental

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    Smile Our first car rental

    We took our first trip to Aruba in 1996. It was a 1 week trade into the Aruba Beach Club. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to return the following year. We decided two things after that first trip. One was that a week wasnt enough, and the other was that we wanted to rent a car. We started making plans for the next trip in December.
    We found an RCI trade to the Divi Dutch Village for the following May and booked 4 extra nights at the Marriot. We reserved a car through Econo car rental at the airport.
    We waited to make our airline reservations hoping to get a lower fare. Never did and ended up making our reservations April 1 for our May trip on American airlines arriving at 8:30 pm and departing at 8 am.
    I was concerned about the arrival time because I had read on my car reservation that Econo closed at 7pm and opened at 7 am. That meant we would get there after they closed and we would be arriving at the airport on departure day before they opened.
    I sent an email to Econo in April when I made our airline reservations telling them of my concerns. I received an answer the next day. Econos representative assured me that it was no problem. He said that my car would be parked next to their little building at the airport with my name taped to the windshield. The keys would be on top of the drivers side front wheel. I would simply unlock the car and drive it to my resort. The next morning I would drive to their location at Amsterdam manor and fill out the paperwork. When I left, all I had to do was park the car next to their building and lock the keys inside as they had another set.
    When we arrived in Aruba everything was exactly as they said. There was the car with my name on it and the keys on the wheel. I remember thinking that if they tried that in the states, all their cars would get stolen.
    Things have changed a little now but we still use Econo when we cant get a car from Tropic. Econo is now open until the last flight arrives, but they are still friendly.
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