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Thread: Our Honeymoon - Aruba ( Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort)

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    Our Honeymoon - Aruba ( Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort)

    We stayed at the Amsterdam Manor during November the 19th-29th for our Honeymoon.

    We booked a one bedroom suite, and on arrival were upgraded for free to a two bedroom suite. For the first 7 nights we slept in this suite, and then for the last 3 nights we were in the standard studios, as we knew in the beginning that the suites were booked ou from the 26th onwards.

    Both rooms were excellent. Well maintained, and very clean. The hotel was gorgeous. It may be a low rise hotel, however it is quite big. The over all hotel experience was excellent as well. It has a great position, as Eagle beach is just across the road, and the road is not a busy one. Where Amsterdam Manar is located, the beach area is not overcrowded, as there are fewer cabanas around, however you will always ge a cabana at any time. There is no need to go in at 7am to reserve one, like the nearby hotels, as you should always find one, including the weekends.

    The two resturants at the hotel are excellent. Passions was our favourite as it was on the beach's sand and only available at night. You must book early for this. The other resturants I feel are worth a visit, is Pinchos ( which is on a Pier), Flying Fishbone, which is passed the airport ( your table is in the water, as are your feet), the screaming Eagle, located opposite Eagle Beach. These restaurants are on the higher scale when it comes to price, but it is well worth it. Iguana Joes ( which is downtown). Iguana Jones, has a burger called The Greatest Burger in Paradise. It is not lying. It is the best burger that I have ever had anywhere by far. You will not want to eat your fries as the burger is too good.

    Most people would want to go to the high rise section and book a hotel, because that is what they are use to. However we went to palm beach where the highrises are, and the beach was too overcowded. You might as well stay in your home country and go to beach if you decide you want to stay in the highrise. To get the caribbean feel, you need to be in one of the low rises, and I will give my firm recommendation for the Amsterdam. My wife and I are fussy when it comes to hotels, and we cerntainly enjoyed this hotel.

    Aruba, is the best place on earth to go to. My wife and I are from Australia, and spent over 30 hours to travel to Aruba, but it was worth our while. The slogan of the island is - One happy Island. It truly is. It is very safe and the people are very friendly and always ready to help anyone in need.

    I researched Aruba and the Amsterdam Manor for over a year. Whislt I was studying at University I use to work in travel, so when it comes to researching I cover all angles. I read all the reviews on most of the hotels we were interested in, and in the end we choose Amsterdam Manor, and we did not regret our choice.


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    Congratulations on you marriage and for choosing Aruba for your honeymoon.Thirty hours to get there WOW thats crazy.I'm really glad you had a great vacation...

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    Congratulations! So glad you had a great visit to the island... After 30 hours of flying you deserve it!

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    Hey Chafic, nice report...send us some pictures..cindyo

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    Which way did you go?

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. Just curious which route you used to get to Aruba from Australia. My Mum lives in New Zealand and we would like to get her there for a visit one day.

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