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Thread: Our trip March 26-April 2

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    Our trip March 26-April 2

    We made it to Aruba after a cancel trip in October 2011. We stayed at Tropical Breeze Hideaway in Noord. Great and peaceful oasis. Nice pool and plenty of room for three females
    Shopping on Main Street, best bargains
    Eagle Beach, beautiful
    Best eats, Paddox, Cellar and Fermins
    Best island tour Chogogo with Gino and Bob
    We loved Aruba and the people.

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    Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach, Eagle Beach.
    How was the departure at the airport through customs?

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    It took longer than I thought. You start in a line outside the airport. They check you in and then you take off your shoes and go through the medal detectors, you walk past some shops and places to eat, there is another door where you pick up your luggage and go through more detectors, there are staff there to put your luggage on a conveyer belt. I was stoped because my hairpins in my air sound the alarm. I had to wait in a square until sercurity came and checked me again. I was a little nervous because I couldn't get my purse. Finally I was able to get my purse but I left my watch and security called me. It was more than an hour process. So go early and if you have extra time you can eat and shop but be prepared to pay hugh prices.

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    palm beach, mangel halto for snorkling
    You are asking about customes. I made a fast trip down last week for 4 days and I fles back on Sat. I was 3 hours early and I was the only one checking in my bags at air tran. The rest of the lines were long. This is the first time that when I went thru Aruba customes, when I put my shoes and belt on, the people was lined up to that point. I have never seen that before. We had to go down the looong hall, get our bags and the US customs room was full and over flowing. I barely made it but when a flight gets close, usually someone comes down the lines and ask if you are on that airline and they will take you to the front of the line. Thats the longest line I have ever seen in my 32 trips to Aruba. Maybe it was because it was Sat. I usually never travel on Sat.
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