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Thread: Our trip report Apr 27th-May 5th

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    Divi All inclusive is the best !!!

    Our trip report Apr 27th-May 5th

    Hello everyone ! Sorry this took so long but here we go ! Arrived Aruba via USAIR the 27th from MHT, flight went awesome. No delays ! YIPPIEEE !! Taxi to the Divi AI arrived about 3ish. Room ready in VISTA I. Nice room, construction outside though. Hammering at 7:30 AM !! OUCH !! Didnt complain, I was in Aruba so was too happy to make a deal of it They are expanding the main pool. Was told they are putting in lounge chairs in the water of the new pool !! NICE !! Cant wait to see the results. Wednesday sun, drinks, dinner, more drinks, bed REPEAT Thursday, Friday. Ok now for the BIG bad news Mom and my 6 year old daughter were at the Lighthouse taking pics. Poor Mom falls into about a 2 foot drop with my little girl falling on top of her. My little girl was just fine, but Mom breaks both legs !! One leg in 3 places even ! I felt horrible for her ! She went to the emergency room at the hospital. They were so good to her. Put legs in temporary casts so she can have surgery when she gets home. She told me the doctors could not have treated her better So we made the best of it until Tuesday when Mom and friend were flying home. We were wheeling my Mom around the Divi and she did just fine. Oh and we waited to have the surgery because they dont take insurance in Aruba. And doc told us it can wait a few days. So we hung around the Divi the rest of our stay, and they treated my Mom like gold. Thank you Vivian !! And Curtis, And Eric
    My Mom even cried they were so nice to her. The whole Divi staff went out of their way to make her comfortable. Even put her in the handicap room for comfort. Mom left Tuesady we left Wednesday afternoon. Seeing all that happend we didnt do much. So this sums up our report. We will be returning next year hopefully. And the Divi is our first choice again OOPS gotta tell you the beach was perfect ! The waves were not too big. Infact most days they were just swells. No rain all week Next year Mom go's wrapped in bubble wrap LOL !!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom and thankfully your dd was okay. Hopefully your Mom will have a speedy recovery!

    Thanks for your review.

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    So sorry to hear about your Mom! What a souvenir from Aruba! Hope she makes a speedy recovery.

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    5,694 poor thing having your mom get hurt. That is horrible. Please keep us informed on her progress, as I am sure its gona be a long one.
    Glad you had a great time in Aruba none the less, keep smiling.
    Hugs to your mom !

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    bubble wrap for your mom...great idea for next yr!
    i am sorry to hear of her accident, please keep us posted on how her surgery went.

    thanks for taking the time to write.

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    So sorry to hear about your Mom. Thank goodness your daughter was o.k.

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    Oh I am so sorry to hear about your mother! Bless her heart. Thank God your dd is ok. When will your mother have surgery? I hope all goes well. Please let us know how it goes.
    I hope the other part of your vacation was everything you wanted.
    Hugs and prayers to your mother--and you too! I am sure that was so hard on you.

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    Oh my so sorry to hear about your mom...what a way to remember a vacation..wishing her a speedy recovery...



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    So sorry to hear about your mom,thank God that your daughter is fine.Anone that has been to the lighthouse knows it is very rocky with very steep slops.Hope her surgery went well and she gets well soon.

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    mom's a real trooper.god bless and good luck mom.

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