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Thread: Past trip report preparing for Jan 10.

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    Palm Beach, Beachwalking from Divi Phoenix to Marriott Resort.

    Past trip report preparing for Jan 10.

    We can't wait to leave next week, as both Joan and I work in "healthcare" at different hospitals and it has been more than stressful for both of us. It is also our 21st anniversary and I know Joan and I will hit the jewelry stores. Kay's has been strongly recommended.

    Some things I am looking forward to:

    Beach walking between the Phoenix and the Marriott, and trying to improve my Papiamento. If you see me on the walkway, I will have a paper and pencil in hand taking down expressions and trying them out with my best "Papiamento" teachers at the Phoenix and on the local bus. Too bad they do not have free classes at the Phoenix, as they do at the Divi village once a week.

    Taking a sunset tour. I liked the De Palm tour on the catamaran, and we did the Jolly Pirates, also fun. I am not sure if Joan would want to do it again.

    I Would like to find Eddy Croes for another "Nature Sensitive" island tour. He is the best tour guide I have ever met, and has a great memory for the history of the island, and its natural beauty. I had the distinct "privilige" of going on one his all day tours two years ago, and was his only passenger, by sheer luck. I got to see some great sights in Arikok Park, and other beach areas that tourists NEVER see, far away from the casinos. I learned to pick sea grapes, and met some wonderful people from Venezuela, and Columbia during our beach walks. I would love to do his tour again, if it is available. Yes, I have pictures, but they are not on the Yahoo site yet.

    I have a list of things I need to remember to bring with me:

    COFFEE Just a little until we get to Ling's

    COFFEE FILTERS--take plenty

    LIQUOR--I like Metaxa. Last time we visited, the Duty Free Liquor store was closed on our arrival, and will probably be closed again when we arrive next week.

    WINE, Will buy at Lings. Mostly from Argentina or Chile. I have tried a few locally Must remeber to bring a decent corkscrew..

    Alamos-- Argentina -- Chardonay

    Reyun - Chile- Sauvignon Blanc.

    Casillero del Diablo Chardonay or Sauvignon Blanc.

    Will have to pick up the obligatory case of Balashi. Wish they sold it in America.

    BALL CAPS 2 OR 3- I only brought one last year and sweat through it.


    SOAP POWDER/ BOUNCE. Just to get by.

    SUGAR PACKETS FOR COFFEE Bringing plenty.

    CAMERA, battery charger, PHOTO clips, (2), and 4 AA recharagable batteries.

    Ipod for music and ear phones.

    Small first aid kit - Band aids, swimmer's ear drops and syringe. Yes, must remember Tums. or Pepcid.

    I have an older tour entry 2005-2007 that appeared in the travel section of "," in their area for travel reports. There are over 60 photos attached to that trip report.

    I would love to find recordings of Delbert Bernabela, the Saxophone player who performs at the Flying Fishbone, but I can never find any of his disks in any music stores on or off the island. Any suggestions?

    This is the link to that first series of reports and pictures, ENJOY:
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    Ren Island
    Have a great trip and Happy Anniversary!

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