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Thread: Playa Linda 7/26/15-8/9/15

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    Any beach!!
    Safe home! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us

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    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! I especially liked your restaurant reviews!

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    I wonder if the unusual waiting time at immigration had something to do with the Special Olympics, if maybe some athletes from Aruba were already returning:

    About Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 (LA2015)With 6,500 athletes and 2,000 coaches representing 165 countries, along with 30,000 volunteers and an anticipated 500,000 spectators, the 2015 Special Olympics World Games – being staged in Los Angeles July 25-August 2, 2015 – will be the largest sports and humanitarian event anywhere in the world in 2015, and the single biggest event in Los Angeles since the 1984 Olympic Games.

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    aruba had 28 athletes , 2 staff and probably numerous parents/friends. i cannot imagine that woould impact immigration hall

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    I still have 5 more days to right on. I hope to finish them up tonight and tomorrow!!

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    We all rose early Tuesday, since my cousin (Shelley) and her friend (Erin) were sky diving. Its difficult to sleep inn when others are waking up early. But oh well, its good to get an early start on vacation. They were picked up at 8am at our hotel, and they were off to the airport. I was planning to go by myself to watch them land, but got a little worried about getting there, so my mom decided to tag along. Shelley had emailed the company ahead of time, asking when we should be there. We showed up at 9, the time instructed, but it was almost 930 before we saw them in the air. Shelley had skydived in aruba 2 years ago, so this wasn't her first rodeo, Erin on the other hand, this was her first time, and was very scared. They absolutely loved it, the divers were a lot of fun, and joked around with them to make them feel more comfortable. They each paid $250 plus a tip. But what they really soak you for is the pictures and videos. It was $140 per person for pictures and a video. I think the pictures are a better buy, but hey if its your first time you should get both. It took a while to see the photos and watch the video once they landed, about an hour. We were back at the pool by 1045 or so.

    Tuesday consisted of are usual routine, Scotts brats from bloody Marys, then lunch in the room, then our own happy hour by the pool. With visits to the ocean in-between.

    We skipped happy hour again, as we did Monday, but instead of going to have a drink before dinner, we had two after beer at the Bavaria after dinner at Barneys.

    We had visited Barney twice in the past and were not huge fans, but Scott and Leslie recommended it to us. We also have read very good reviews on trip advisor about their food. So between both we decided to give it a second shot. I dont think we will be heading back. Not that it was awful. it was good, but we had so many great meals on the island this vacation, Barney's didn't live up to our exceptions. We arrive at Barney's around 745, the waitress greeted us with " You are going to have to wait a little, we are down a waitress tonight, so we dont want you waiting at the table." We were fine with having a drink before dinner, so she agreed to sitting us, however she never came back to take our drink order for over 10/15, they it took another 10 or so minutes to get our drinks, with the waitress coming back 2 twice to tell my dad they were out of two different beers. Once she finally brought my dad a drink he had ordered, we ordered right way. It took another long period of time to receive our food. I ordered the crab cakes as an appetizer, another bad decision, on the description of the crab cakes it said "jumbo lump crab meat" let me tell you there was no jumbo lump crab meat in the crab cake. It was my own fault, after my bad crab cake experience at driftwood, I shouldn't had ordered another one. For my main course I ordered Shrimp Scampie, I have nothing to compare it to, but i thought it was very good. It was Schnitzel Night, so my dad ordered Hawaiian pork Schnitzel, the portion was huge!. He really liked this dinner. He even brought some home for lunch the next day. My mom had the Parmesan Crusted Grouper, she thought it was good, but there was too much breading.But everyone raves about it. Shelley had the chicken state with peanut sauce, she like hers as well. But its good at a lot of placed on the island. Erin had the coconut shrimp, she loved her, she had been wanting coconut shrimp since she been there. She definitely picked the right place to have it.

    We finished dinner by 950, and rushed to the Bavaria because we thought they closed at 10, we lated found out that they close at 11. We each had two drinks. The owner Peter was there, he is always there actually. He was very friendly, and always talked to us while we sat at the bar. He knows a lot about his beers selection. Right now he only has 16 beers available, however he is waiting for a shipment full of 65 different beers.

    After the bavaria, Shelley, Erin, and myself were off to Seņor frogs. It wasn't very crowded there, but of the crowd that did seem to be there it seemed to be mostly males. There is a $20 minimum for credit card, realistically there that isn't hard to spend. Shots of fireball are a little over $8. A yard of frozen strawberry daiquiri was $25 I believe. We didn't realize, but seņor frogs, and gusto(the club across the seņor fronts) both close at 1AM Monday through Thursday. friday through Sunday they close t 3 AM.

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    With respect to Barneys, very casual, decent food.
    Always reminded me of the place you would go if staying on the island for longer than
    the usual vacation time..

    Not one of my stops, anymore..

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    Oh, where do I begin... it was bar crawl day!

    We started off the day with a few hours by the pool. Catching some rays until about 1130, then we were up to the room to get ready for a long day of drinking.

    We made 9 stops over 10 hours.
    2Young Fellow
    5.Shon Gecko
    6. Cafe 080
    7. Fermins Bar BQ
    8. Madame Jeanettes Beer Garden
    9. Eataly

    It was our first time to Zeerovers for lunch. Last year, we tried to have lunch there, but it was a Monday and they were closed. However there were workers there and they let us hang out and have a beer. Its a beautiful view. We were very excited to try there food, as we've heard so many great things about it. We arrived, there was a live of a good mix of locals and tourist. They have a very unique system, you order the food at a window, and all the fish and shrimp are in cooler. You order what you would like, then they put it in a clear bag, then put the clear bag in a larger plastic bowl. They give you a wooden number to put on your table, and a worker takes the food to the kitchen area to be deep fried. You then go over to another window, on the other side near the dinning area, where you order drinks. We ordered 20 shrimps, a filet of maui mahi, 2 orders of plantains, and 4 orders of fries. Our total was about $28, cheap for the amount of food we ordered. We had a picnic table right near the ocean. It took about 15 minutes or so to get our food. My mom, dad and I loved the shrimps and mahi mahi. Shelley didn't like the shrimp, she thought it needed more seasoning, but she loved the plantains. Erin only ate fries, because she doesn't like shrimp. While at Zeerovers, we ran into Dennis from Aruba Surf and Paddle boarding school. Shelley and I had been searching for him since Shelley got here. Three years ago we met Dennis at Moomba, and he had his dog buddy with him. Shelley has been obsessed with buddy ever since. Well we had been wanting to do paddle boarding with him, so we scheduled a time to paddle board with him, but also for shelley to see buddy.

    Before heading on the bar crawl, Shelley and I had got breakfast at Scott's brats. We were telling them all about our bar crawl plans, they recommended Young Fellow. Young Fellows is located on the left side of the road heading towards the airport from Zeerovers Its right past the balashi factory. This place is kinda a dive, but if you're on a bar crawl you have to stop at all kinds of places. The beer was very cold and cheap. Definitely a cool local place to stop.

    Our next stop was Arubaville. This was on of our longest stops on the bar crawl. They open at 11 from drinks, because of a fly issue. They aren't flies that bite, they are more of an annoyance. We came in and we were the only people in there. My mom, dad and shelley ordered a bucket of balashi, I ordered a Margarita, and Erin ordered a mojitos. We sat on the upstairs deck area. It gorgeous up there. There are adorondac chairs up there and some benches. We sat up there and hung out for a while. We enjoyed it so much we ended up ordering another bucket of beers. This was definitely one of our most expensive stops, I believe it was about $60 including tips. The bucket included 6 beers for like $17 dollars. This is a great spot to take some very cute pictures.

    After Arubaville we were off the Fergis, another commendation by Scott's Brats. This is a chinese bar located on the same road as price smart, on the left side. This place is a total dumb. There beer was the creepiest we found at any bar on the bar crawl. The bartender couldn't speak any english, but we were able to get some things across to her from the few words I knew in spanish.

    We had wanted pictured after our stop at Fergis, so we stopped by the I heart Aruba sign in town.

    We were then on our way to Shon Gecko. What a great stop it was. Its located in a plaza, behind the Divi Links golf course, right near Red Fish. We sat at the bar, and ordered some snack foods and drinks. We ordered 3 appetizers: chicken and cheese fajita, chicken strips, and cheese sticks. We all loved everything. The bartender, also one of the owners, make fantastic drinks. My mom and dad just ordered beer, but the us three girls ordered mixed drinks. I ordered a mud slide, and shelley and erin each ordered different mojitos. The bartender gives you the extras that dont fit into your glass, so you ended up with almost two drinks. Everything was reasonably prices, I believe are total with tip was around $65. We will definitely be back, and most likely for dinner.

    Cafe 080 was the next stop on our bar crawl, we had driven by this place many times on visits to the island. But its definitely a cool place to stop and get drinks. We had one drink at Cafe 080. While we were there the Kukuu Kunuko stopped at Cafe 080. It definitely livened the place up when all those people showed up.

    Just down the road from Cafe 080, is Fermin's Bar BQ our next stop. This place was filled with locals, and smelled amazing. We sat at a high top table outside, and only had beers. We played a game that we had brought with called Pig mania.

    Our most anticipated stop on our bar crawl was our last bar stop, Madame Jeanette's. We were only there to drink, however they had a very large crowd for dinner. They had 75 bottled beers, largest selection on the island. The beer expert, was a dutch man named Xian. We had met him last year at Scott's Brats, where he recommended Casibari to us. He use to work there, but left the island to go home to the Netherlands, when Madame Jeanette's called him and asked him to come back and be their beer expert. He knows a lot about all the beers and does a great job. My mom stuck with her usual Balashi chill, I had two frozen drink, and Erin had a mojito. however my dad and Shelley being beer snobs like they are enjoyed MJ's selection of beers. They each picked there first beer, but there second one Xian picked for them. He had them questions about what kind of beers they liked, then he came back with his choice. He had to change his pick a couple times because the first couple he picked my dad had already tried. This is a great beer stop for whose beer snobs out there. Our bill was about $100 dollar with tip. But he left Xian a 20% tip because we liked him so much. He pretty much talked to us the whole time we were there, we really enjoyed him company.

    We ate at Eataly after bar hoping around the island! This was our last and final stop on the bar crawl. It was definitely a great one. We ordered 4 mini pepperoni pizza, a chicken Alfredo lasagna, a cheesesteak hoagie, and the special which was an Italian pork sandwich. Both sandwiches could have used a little more meat, but they were very good. The lasagna was AMAZING! We loved it! The two owners were very friendly and accommodating! We sat in a couple folding chairs right next to the food truck and they even brought us the food. If you're looking for a quick dinner but of good quality this is definitely the place to go! We will definitely be back! The prices were reasonable, I want to say we played around $40 for our whole meal.

    After the bar crawl, we dropped Shelley and Erin off at the hotel, and my mom, dad and I were off the the Alhambra Casino. We stayed out till about 130, I can't believe we made it that late.

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    Wow ! That's my kinda day ! Sounds like you had a great time .

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    One helluva day.... thanks for sharing that!

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