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Thread: Ren Ocean suites 7/9-7/16

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    Ren Ocean suites 7/9-7/16

    Arrived Jet Blue with my daughter, mom and sister arrived USair arrived same time. Bully met us with his usual smile and sign. Rented an ocean suite from an Aruba forum member and got a pool front floor unit. Awesome! It was perfect. They brought us a rollaway and we got groceries up the street.
    We went to the Island the next day and had a fantastic day. It rained for about 15 minutes and then back to the water.As others had mentioned I brought my own floats great idea.
    We ate dinner at Don Carlos. Waiter was a complete pervert. Hit on my 16 year old. Gross took pics of her by the water with her camera and told her to pose "sexy"
    Day 2 went to island again and had another great day. Went to Hard Rock for a late lunch. It was awesome. SHopping malls around there were nothing to crow about.
    Went to Flea market . We all found something and had a great walk back. Went to Iguana Joes. We LOVED it.
    Stayed at pool because of Mosquito sign pool service not even comparable to beach service. Went on tour of Island with Bully. He took us everywhere. It was the best trip of all. THe lighthouse, biggest cactus LOL, beer, water, the bridge, the church, the whole island. The price was unbeatable .Thank you Bully.
    Went to beach the next day. We all got burnt! Aruba Aloe to the rescue. Went to Iguana Joes again. Awesome waiter and great food.
    Bought a pandora bracelet and a few beads. What fun.
    The weather was great but my mom and daughter got sick at the end. I came home with whatever bug they had.
    Thank you Karen for a great room.
    Thanks to all of you for another great Aruba vacation and your tips! Sadly, we did not get to eat at The Ren Marinas steak restaurant this time. Bummer!
    Next Aruba trip in

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    the beaches
    Sorry you and your family got sick. Sounds like the rest of the vacation you had a good time.

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    It makes me happy to hear you enjoyed your Renn. stay...we love the place

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    Thanks for the trip report!
    Hope everyone feel better now.

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