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Thread: Rob O's April 2010 Trip Report

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    Rob O's April 2010 Trip Report

    My commentary....with a little help from Cindy O

    Day by day, our Restaurant visits, in order, with my personal rating on a scale of 1 to 10:

    Plaza Café – 4 food lacking this time, would be off our list if it weren’t so convenient for a first night stop….if Casa Tua is next door as planned next year….gone!
    Marandi -7 decent food, great setting
    Casa Tua Barcelona (downtown) – 8 good value
    Dutch Pancake House (breakfast) – 7 enjoyed it
    Madame Janette – 9 great food, second best meal of our trip
    Hard Rock – 7 reliable spot for a good burger
    Paddock – 1 service horrible, 50% of our party of 6 had stomach issues that night…won’t be back
    Pinchos – 8 great setting, food was good too
    Marina Pirata – 9 our first time there, very good meal, great setting, great value
    Casa Tua Italiano (Arawak) – 7 downtown Casa Tua food/service was better
    Hung Paradise – 8 better Chinese food than we get in Rhode Island, reasonable too
    El Gaucho – 6 steady, could be better for the price
    Madame Janette – 10, best meal of the trip…place as good as the hype
    Moby Dicks – 8 our first visit, good value, good food….fantastic chowder
    Amadeus – 9 our first visit, we’ll be back….great food and value
    Cilo (breakfast) – 5 a little pricey for breakfast….we will go back but it will be for dinner (an 8) or evening drinks (a 10)….both of which are a much better value than breakfast

    Aruba by the Numbers:

    30 – number of people we travelled with
    14 – the number of nights we spent in Aruba this past visit
    4 – size of our family
    60 – dollars spent per person per day
    114 – the number of degrees Farenheit on the thermometer on my beach bag in the sun Thursday
    150 – the number of days we’ve spent together in Aruba since 1997
    146 – number of days at Renaissance
    3 – number of days at Westin
    1 – number of days at Marriott Stellaris
    0 – number of Palapas available on beach at Marriott Stellaris at 8:00 AM on Sunday morning….absurd and unacceptable (we did a one-day get-away from Renaissance which has prime spots available on their beach all day).

    13 – rides with Bully or his brother in law, Hubert (who leads Bully’s “Bull Pen”) this trip…..Thank You gentlemen! You provide great service and you are good friends.

    Note to Renaissance Staff – Frans, Lilliana, Tino, Leidy, Brian, Linda, Valerie, Zoe, Dolores, Marcia, Ina, Malushka, Jorge, Vanie, Chico, Rigo, Georges, Legino, Nelson, Elizabeth……and the rest. You keep us coming back. THANK YOU! YOU’RE THE BEST!
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Good job Rob! Welcome back home! Back to reality unfortunately.

    You mentioned Zoe, is she back at the front desk? I thought she wasn't there any longer? That's good news if she is.

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    Welcome home O family, great reports, thanks again

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    Welcome home,great report,short,sweet,and to the point.Glad every one had a great vacation.Hope the girls are OK being back home.If needed Mark and I can still make the trip..LOL. Welcome Home O Family

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    Welcome home...GREAT trip report-loved it...the best thing about coming home is going back )

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    Quote Originally Posted by arubamark View Post
    You mentioned Zoe, is she back at the front desk?
    Just saw her once. They are moving staff around more frequently, or so it seems.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Thank you so much for the great report! Welcome home, but I bet you are already planning your next trip. Thanks for all of your reports, they were great.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Welcome home. Always great to hear about another wonderful trip.

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    Thanks O's.. great reporting....always love to hear about new restaurants..



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    Great report, I love the number stats. You must be happy to be back home in the RAIN!

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