Just a short quip about departure day since everyone seems to wonder about the airport. Yes, we were there 3 hours prior to flight. We waited 10 minutes at AirTran check-in and 15 minutes through the outside sidewalk to the 2 passport checks. There was NO line backed up getting to the first security check so it took maybe 5 minutes. Found our checked bag and the line for US immigration, which was again maybe 10 minutes. After immigration we sent our checked bags through and went right through the second security check. Our flight was 2:00 and we thought there would have been much longer lines. Guess we hit a good time, although I could have had another hour on the beach.

Our 9 days went fast and we enjoyed every minute of it. Now to start planning the next trip. For 25th anniversary in Dec? 50th birthday in Feb? Maybe wait til spring break, send son to grandmas and daughter will be at college and we can go it alone (it will be much cheaper feeding only 2 mouths instead of 4).