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Thread: The snorkle man is back in Aruba for awhile

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    you can check with AQUAWINDIES on a side road perpendicular to Eagle Beach.
    also too JADS on Baby Beach may have them.

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    Eagle Beach to relax / Malmok, Boca Catalina & Arashi for snorkeling / Carte Blanche, Zeerovers, Sopranos Piano Bar, Kuku Kanuku & The Pata Pata Bar / The weekend flee market.
    Will do thanks!

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    Anywhere where I can see the turquoise-blue ocean
    Kent, I always enjoy your travel reports very much! You are such a nice person and your love for snorkeling and sharing with others - in person or on the board - shines through in all your posts! I'm not a snorkeler but you inspired me, one day I want to try it out.

    One question regarding the night snorkeling: how can you see anything in the water at night? Do you take certain flash lights or lamps with you?

    Ariel ~ you made it to Aruba! I look very much forward hearing about your adventures!

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    Kent is a great guy!! He took us snorkeling in Feb. Was very patient with me since I am a novice.
    Thanks, Kent!!


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    To answer CK1's question; we used underwater flashlights. The first night we went out it was a little scary, but after about a week of going every night it was incredibly fun. There is a completely different group of marine life out at night. Rays, eels, sea turtles, big eye, shrimp, lobster, spiny sea urchins, parrot fish and star fish. I even killed a lion fish one night. There was a few nights the bio luminescent plankton made the water glow blue, but you had to turn the flashlights off to see it.

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