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    Talking Solo Trip

    Last time I went to Aruba, I played an April fool's joke (4/1) on myself because I had missed my flight from too much partying the night before and sent my bff on the original flight alone...this time I told myself to keep it in line and make sure I woke up in time for my flight.

    Flight was smoothe and easy, except for the extra baggage charge - suitcase ended up being 60 lbs...all the sunblock/sunscreen (was on sale 50% at cvs so I stocked up). There's something about taking a vacation solo - fills you with all these emotions like a hybrid of fear and joy.

    Landed and hopped in a taxi who took me to my apartment at Palma Real in the high rise area. Taxi driver wasn't unpleasant or pleasant, just not as social, didn't say 1 word the entire drive there. Pulled up to my apartment and met with Matthew Smillie, property manager. He is absolutely fantastic and super accommodating. He made sure that I knew he was available for any questions or concerns the entire time from booking to departure.

    The 1 bd apartment is lovely and so much better than my 200 sq ft i have back in nyc. If I could, I would buy this place in a heartbeat - the owner is selling for $220k. There's a rain shower head, washer, strong new AC, comfortable couch, huge tv, the list goes on.

    First night - I went shopping at the grocery store, which is right outside the community - kung pows?, stocked up on some water, eggs, bread, smuckers goobers, amstel brights, cereal, milk and oj. I ended up staying in and getting rest for the next day.

    Second day - succumbed to renting a car earlier than i wanted because i did not want to feel cooped up at all on vacation - was great price and rented from royal, they came to my apartment to fill out the paperwork and i was ready with keys in hand in less than 10 minutes. i packed my gear and headed towards the lighthouse. i took some photos and drove back towards aruba active vacations and signed up for windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons on tues and wed. drove another 45 minutes down to baby beach and signed up for jads scuba diving on friday. while signing up for scuba diving, 2 people from nbc had arrived and overheard them asking questions about the missing woman and the conditions of the ocean during that time. i parked at baby beach and stayed there from 11a until 5p. met a lovely couple from california and spent most of the day chit chatting. we all agreed that we hate nancy grace. we went our separate ways, they asked to meet at confessions night club but wasn't in the mood to dance. instead, i cleaned up a bit and went to holiday inn poker room except that there was no one there..around 9 pm? so i asked the floor guy and he suggested radisson. drove to radisson and it was tournament time still so i plopped down at a blackjack table and played for a couple of hours and left even (that's a win in my mind). scratched my gamble itch and went back home to pass out. there were so many people and the town was alive at midnight....

    third day - and now i am awake too late and too hot to do any running so i think i'll drive out to eagle beach and have another nice day of relaxation...i'm hoping i can somehow do the helitour even though it's a 2 person minimum - i emailed them so waiting for now. signed up for:
    1. windsurf, check.
    2. kitesurf, check.
    3. scuba, check.
    4. horseback riding,
    5. atv,
    6. helitour?
    7. jolly pirates?
    pasa bon dia! ...until wednesday...(going to try to detox from electronics for a couple days)

    cheers to meeting an aruban so i can marry him and live in aruba! jk.

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    thanks for posting!!!

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    great post....good luck with the marriage thing !!!!!

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    Thanks for posting I enjoyed reading it!

    I'm also from NYC and went solo last year. It was a bit nerve recking and at the same time exciting. I had such a great time and it was the most relaxing vacation I ever took in my life. I enjoyed some days lounging by the pool or beach. I packed some snorkeling equiptment and I got up early to take the bus to the last stop near the light house. I think it was Malmok Beach and i also went to another beach further down. I saw the snorkeling tour boats there and I swam up to where the boat was docked and interacted with other people there snorkeling.

    I'm going solo again this year on 9/24 and can't wait!!!

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    Great post! I traveled solo two years ago and loved it. It was my third trip to Aruba, so I felt comfortable enough to do it.

    Let me know if the Aruban you find has an older brother, so I can marry him!

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