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Thread: Tamarijn Update

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    Tamarijn Update

    Well we're home in paradise. Flight down was great. We arrived to the big waves and a late afternoon shower. Really didn't matter as we were in the Bunker Bar at the time.

    The beach at the Tam is in excellent condition. In front of the 1100-1300 blocjks it is the widest we have ever seen it. For Lisa as a refernce, in front of our room, 1301, there is about 150 feet of beach. In most areas the rock retaing walls are not even visible. Between Cunucu Terrace and the Bunker Bar, rocks are visible and you need to climb over them to get to the beach. The other side of the Bunker Bar, beach is growing daily. In front of ABC and CDM, the beach is gone. In front of Bucuti, trees are in the water and there is a 4-5 ft bank to climg.

    More another time but I know many of you want to know abot the beach.

    Lisa, regards from Bully.
    Joe & Mimi


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    Any Aruba beach...
    Great to hear that you and Mimi made it safely.

    The beach at the Tam is in excellent condition.

    Oh my goodness! What fabulous news. You truly made my day and I am not even in Aruba.

    Last question. Are you posting from 1301 or using the internet cafe? Dh needs a connection to work and we had problems with the connection from 1200 last June so had to switch to the room next to Pizza per Tutti. Convenient, and a great connection, but not much of a breeze in the corner.

    I see today's weather is literally picture perfect. As my dad says, "just another pray for a cloud day in paradise".

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    Thanks for the update on the beaches outside the Tamarijn. We (Vandersteen family) will be arriving the afternoon of the 28th of March. We hang out at the bunker bar a lot. Another family (The Dietz's) will be with us. We are from Naperville, a suburb of Chicago.

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    Thanks for the Tamarijn update.
    It sounds like nothing's all that different from usual.
    Rocks in the usual places, lotsa sand where it's supposed to be.

    I must say with all the reports of beach washing away here, there and everywhere, I'm glad we stay at the Tamarijn. But I'm sure there are quite a few people who would say the same thing.

    3 weeks and 4 days... sigh.
    Mr. Ratt
    "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got..."
    Aruba.... May 12, 2018... 3pm at the Tamarijn, see you there.

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    Unhappy Wow

    It seems hard to believe that the beach has changed so much. my husband and I are headed to the bucuti Easter Week.....hope there is some beach left by then.... we are beach bums!

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    Kicking back and relaxing for two weeks, on the beach.. Jewelry Shopping and the Alhambra...........



    I went one year and couldn't believe how big the beach was in front of building 1800 it was Huge, no rocks in site. It was great!! Hope to see that big beautiful beach again, but I prefer to be in 1900-2100.. Everyone has to have some faith..


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