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Thread: Thanksgiving 2014 - Dec 6

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    Thanksgiving 2014 - Dec 6

    Hi everyone - although I haven't posted in a while I have been reading and happy for all of you on the island or going soon! We had a wonderful time in Aruba as always, arriving on turkey day for 10 days! I really didn't do a trip report as we really just chilled but now feel bad so I figured I'd write even if it is less than exciting compared to some. Flight was early 6:05 am on Thanksgiving Day out of Bradley in Hartford Ct. Had a bit of a storm day before but roads were great at 3 am departure time from home. Connected in Charlotte with a 3 hr layover which was a first but actually found relaxing considering we usually have 30-40 min. rush time to connecting flight. Arrived a half hour early in Aruba with Bully's big smile and hug greeting us. At Divi AI at 5 pm sharp. I once again lucked out and received my special room I request each year, I feel like it just waits for my return visit. Upon opening "my room" noticed it had been renovated and looked beautiful, new furniture and bathroom totally redone, all were great improvements in my opinion with the exception of the safe under the bathroom sink. I am a short person but even a toddler would have a hard time getting to it. Did a ton of walking this year which was great, morning beach walks and during the day even was shocked that DH offered to walk with me down to Tam and once to the grocery markets and back. Weather wasn't bad but wasn't great either but still came home with a nice tan. More rain and clouds than we've had in a few years but hey still my favorite place. Sunday night it actually downpoured for 4 hrs straight, we were at the Coco Bar (a/k/a pizza bar at Divi AI) and actually had a great time watching everyone try to squeeze in and be silly it turned into a huge party. One older gent actually had to tip the bartender to "stop serving" him balashi's so he could brave the rain and go to his room. Workers were making rain poncho's out of garbage bags like you would see at ballgames it was funny. Tried grouper at Divi pan fried in white wine sauce and you are all correct I did enjoy it. Service once again wonderful with all staff from housekeeping, waiters and barstaff, bellhops etc. welcoming us home. Went to Pelicans Pier for a bucket of brights, went downtown twice, tried going to Hung paradise as Andrea and my friend back home rave about the egg rolls but I guess they close for an hour or so a day so maybe next year. Went downtown a couple of times, one evening to LG Smith's which was nice but next year promised myself to try a different restaurant, either MJ's or Passions perhaps. Treated myself to a pair of tanzanite earrings at Tanzanite International store, I have never purchased a large purchase and I must say it was quite the experience. I started off shopping at the smaller stores near Iguana Joes, went into about 4 but found it very stressful, one store the gentleman David was worse than a car salesman I almost had to run for my life to escape!!!! David even offered me to wear the tanzanite hoops around for a few hours!!!!! Finally I went to the store I envisioned my purchase to be and they even let me make them an offer which they kindly accepted to my surprise. Now I actually think I should have come down even lower and worked my way up but at least they were not holding me hostage (lol). Met up with a bunch of our Aruba friends over the 10 days which was fun. Pegmeister and Tom found us on our arrival night and it was great to see them and see Tom looking so healthy. Most other days all the same wake up early, walk the beach and enjoy friends company over casual cocktails and the shows in the evening. I think the e entainment is improving and one night it was all 80's music, I was in heaven. Took advantage of the Cyber Monday 50% sale and already booked for Thanksgiving 2015. Already started my new countdown it helps stop laughing eveyone :-) Divi will be looking new next year with a lot of changes and more rooms, I really pray it does not ruin our favorite spot, one of the perks (IMO) is how small it is and spacious open beach area. TIme will tell, I am hoping for the best. There was some kind of sickness going around towards the end of the week, a bunch of people came down with a flu like sickness for a day or two, my DH came down with it on the day before our departure. Can I tell you pretty stressful!!! I was running around checking on availability of a new flight and extra night but thank God he was ok the day we left. I think he lucked out considering some people we sick 2-3 days and could not leave their rooms. Did the new passport machine at Aruba airport which was a surprise but a nice lady helped us and it actually is a breeze. I asked the customs agent and she is not convinced it will save time but it is hard to say as anything new slows things down. We always get to the airport way early so had no problems, I think once everyone is used to it it will indeed help speed up the lines. Merry Christmas to everyone and enjoy your time in Aruba as I count down to Aruba 2015.

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    Merry Christmas! I was wondering when you would do your trip report. Glad you got to book the cyber sale. We'll be there over Thanksgiving next year as well. We'll probably add a few nights elsewhere like we did this trip. It was good to see you guys!

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    Thanks for the report..... you had one long travel day. Nice relaxing vacation... that's the best!

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    thanks for sharing your story.

    when we were there earlier in november, many of the tourists had miserable head colds/virus like thing.

    glad that you got a nice pair of earrings. (in spite of rude sales staff at the other store)

    hung paradise is closed either on sunday or monday and they may close for an hour or 2 between lunch and dinner.

    thanks so much for sharing
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