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Thread: Trip Report 11/8-11/13

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    the beach at the raddison,!!

    Trip Report 11/8-11/13

    Let me start of by saying we got SO lucky with the weather...

    Bully was waiting for us at the airport..So convenient, he is the best!!
    We checked in at the Radisson, and were upgraded to the Bonaire Suite..VERY NICE!!

    Monday-IT WAS POURING RAIN!!! We got soaked from the short walk from Casino to our room...We ate at Texas De Brazil, AMAZING..would highly recommend!!

    Tuesday- Spent most of the day at the beach,the waves were really big, and there was SO much seaweed on the beach and in the water,..Beautiful weather!! We ate at the Old Cunoco House, it was delicious!! I had the Keeni Yushi and my boyfriend had a beef dish...Soo GOOD!!

    Wednesday- Another beautiful day (did i tell you we were soo LUCKY with the weather!!) Walked over to the Setar Store , to square the cell phone away...Ate lunch at Pure Beach, very good..For Dinner we went to Amazonia, if i had to choose between the two I would say Texas De Brazil..

    Thursday- walked around in town, ate lunch at The old Fisherman, it was okay nothing special...We went to dinner at Gianni's the meal i was looking forward to all week! IT WAS THE WORST MEAL/ Service...I would not go back..Our waiter, forgot our drinks twice, forgot to bring lemons, took him about 20 minutes to take our dinner order...I ordered the dish that is served it the cheese wheel, the girl who made it was more concerned about telling her friend some story, the pasta tasted like pure liquor, just plain bad...My boyfriend had the Osso Bucco, it was good...The service was terrible and a huge let down..We WILL not be back..I heard that the owner died and his son took over, and since than service has gone down hill...We will not be back..

    Friday- Another beautiful day...We ate a Texas de Brazil again, My boyfriend loved it and wanted to go back..

    We ate at blossoms one night too, i just forget when! It was really good..

    Radisson- Construction/ Casino..
    We were not bothered by the construction in any way, Honestly I didn't even notice it..The hotel looks very nice.

    The Casino, it was actually kind of weird, they had workers from the Occidental working at the casino mixed in with the Radisson..If you had any points from previous years you lost them all...Last year we were "well taken care of", this year they could not even offer us a top shelf liquor..The roulette table numbers weren't working and not many tables were open...They said they are closing for one week, during thanksgiving...

    We had the most amazing time, aside from the mosquitos!!!The weather was beautiful , we got soo lucky!!

    Any questions please let me know!!!

    I probably missed some things, but that's its for now!!

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    I'm glad you had a great vacation.As for Gianni' can someone build a business like that and not have proper management? With all these bad reports and people do read this forum, this place will not last much longer.

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    LOVED the Bonaire Suite at the Radisson. The first and last time my dh decided to "draw my bath" for me was in that glorious jacuzzi tub and it overflowed with bubbles from the bubble bath liquid. That was a mistake he will only make once in life!

    Sorry to hear about Giannis. There are so very many mixed reports.

    Bully is always a sure bet though.

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    ditto what lisa said re: giannis. the place is consistently inconsistent :-(

    glad that the weather was on your side.

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