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Thread: Trip Report

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    Trip Report

    We got home yesterday from Weeks #4 and #5 at Paradise Beach Villas. We thought the weather was dryer but windier than usual. Neither difference was an issue.

    The first week we got to reconnect with our friends from Chicago and had dinner at Windows. No one told us the entire restaurant floor was on a slant! It really messed up my wife who has inner ear issues. We swapped some seating around until she was OK.

    The meals at Windows were very good but the service was erratic. We were seated but no waiter came to introduce themselves and take a drink order. We flagged down an employee who was visiting tables and told her our problem. She ran off to get us a waiter and came back to explain there was some confusion among the waitstaff as to who's table it was. The first round of drinks was on the house. Our eventual waiter had to be a new guy or poorly trained. He did a lot of waiter stuff wrong and disappeared for too long. The Manager(?) also came by and apologized and offered us free coffee and desserts. I guess they knew they had issues. On the way out, I thanked him and told him we'd come back when they got the floor fixed.

    We did a bit of cooking and grilling that first week. I bought a couple of ribeyes at Ling's and grilled them at PBV. They were very good.

    We shared week two with our daughter, SIL and grandson. Dinners were at West Deck, Anna-Maria's and Cuba's Cookin.

    The West Deck was outstanding. Everything from the atmosphere, the side show of cruise ships leaving and sunsets in the palm trees and the food were tops. There were four adults and a 10-year-old. We ordered a number of the small plates they offered, including ceviche, coconut shrimp, clalmari, saté, tenderloin, fish cakes, Caribbean rice, french fries and grouper fingers. Desserts were key lime pie and a chocolate mousse cake of some kind. All excellent.

    Anna-Maria's has a limited menu and as long as that is OK with you, you won't be disappointed with the food. You have to like pasta. I had the carbonara and other had chicken parm, a shrimp pasta dish and a fish soup with a crepe stuffed with spinach and ricotta. We all enjoyed our meals.

    Friday night was at Cuba's Cookin'. The night we were there we did not feel it was up to the usual standards. It was also very quiet that night. Not many customers. I think they may be suffering from being at the wrong end of the island.

    Saturday night my wife and I went to the Suisse Chalet. We had escargot, lobster bisque, Chateaubriand, wine and coffee. All top notch along with the service.

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    Thanks for sharing your story!
    Floor on a slant is crazy unacceptable and the first I have ever heard of that issue.

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    Sounds like a delicious trip! Thanks!!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Thank you AndyM! We do a lot of grilling and cooking in while we are there, we do a couple of restaurants and it was great reading your report on some

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    I love chalet suisse... always good...can't wait to be back in aruba...



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    thanks so much for posting. Sounds like you guys got around.
    Sean and Susan

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    Thanks for taking the time.... enjoyed your report. Sounds like you had some great meals and visits with friends and family!

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    Any beach!!
    Enjoyed your report. I hear more and more people talk about Chalet Suisse and it's all good. I think we'll be adding it to our "to go" list. Thanks for sharing.

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    the beaches
    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to try West Deck!

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    Love Chalet Suisse. I always say I'm going to go twice and I always save it for last night. Same thing with Matthews.. I think I may skip Cubas Cookin but if I go downtown for shopping I may stop bye just for lunch and have a cuban sandwich and mojito..

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