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Thread: Trip Report - March 13-22 - Divi AI

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    Trip report

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    that is your opinion
    why stand in line? because for those that want a particular spot/palapa that is the only choice.

    it is all about what folks want to do.
    if they did not want to get up at dawn and/or pay, they would not do it.

    the majority of the people that visit aruba for a vacation do it for the beach.if they have to drive to the beach or take a cab or bus or walk a half a mile, that is inconvenient.

    i live in florida
    have a pool
    and when i go to aruba, i want to be at the beach.
    do i get up b4 the birds to get a good spot?
    yup sometimes!
    am i a fool for doing it?
    absolutely not, it is my choice.

    are you a fool for renting where you are renting?
    absolutely not, it is your choice.

    you did make an inquiry for one of my timeshare rentals, so you obviously considered a timeshare rental.

    people do not need to answer to anyone re: why they would stand in line or pay for a good spot on the beach.

    Your right no one needs to answer to anyone and I dont expect anyone to, so I don't know why you or anyone would think that,this was not directed at anyone I was just stating that I myself would not do what some people do ,and yes I did ask you about your timeshare, but I have talked to a lot of people on here and that I would prefer a Villa or House thats all. To who ever thought my posts where about lecturing on what to do or where to stay will sorry you took it that way . ( ppl stands for people it's not an insulting or offensive in any way . )
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    Divi All inclusive is the best !!!
    Hi Hockeymom, Did you happen to see Curtis ( One of the bartenders) at the Divi when you were there? Heard from a friend he wasnt there a few weeks back and was wondering if he was ok and still working there? He's our fav bartender there and hope to see him when we go in 5 weeks. Any new you have would be great. Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by hockeymom View Post
    This may be a long - and probably boring - trip report for some people, however I hope there is some useful and interesting information for some of you.

    We left for Aruba on JetBlue out of Boston on March 13 - uneventful flight - just the way we like it. Bully was waiting for us at the airport. He told me he had two pick ups off that flight, however he personally did ours as I booked him first - thank you Bully. Nothing like seeing your smiling face waiting for us. By the way, breezed through immigration and baggage claim. We were at the Divi AL in 30 minutes from arrival.

    Check-in at the Divi was easy as usual. We became Red Parrot members as this was our 5th trip. Nice t-shirts and $100 in coupons which we chose to use at the Casino. There was about 10 places you could chose to use them. Headed to the bar as our room wasnít quite ready yet. Had my annual pina colada as we looked at the beautiful blue water. Room was ready about 2pm - nice room, Vista II, second floor, last room towards the water - woo hoo!!

    Weather on arrival was cloudy and very windy - but heck, weíre n Aruba. It stayed that way for the first 3-4 days, but we managed to get a sunburn anyway. The windy was a bit annoying. It was the windiest it has ever been in our 5 years there. Had to hold onto your drink or zip - off the bar it went. It did calm down, but it wasnít the best weather we have ever had, but again, weíre in Aruba!

    Went out with the Jolly Pirates on Friday. Lots of fun as usual. Water was choppy so I skipped the Antilla stop - been there/done that. It did pour at one point for about 15 minutes as we were between stops. The pirates refer to it as ďAruba snowĒ as the temperature did drop a few degrees and they were cold - ha. I invited them to visit Boston in January next year if they wanted to feel cold!! Some good snorkeling at the other two stops and not a lot of people on the boat so it was easy to get around. Nice show on the rope swing - not me, the pirates!! All the other people on the other boats were watching us.

    Saturday was St. Patrickís Day. Went to the flea market and stopped at the Bunker Bar for a little while on the way back. Lots of green - beer, hair, beards, clothing - funny stuff. That night, we had reservations at Ginger at the Tam so we headed back over early to see what was going on. A large group of ďgreen peopleĒ at the Pizzi Tutti area playing great music on an Ipod and acting up. Lots of fun. Met fellow forum member Snidely (Joe and Mimi). Nice to talk to another Aruba forum member and compare experiences.

    Great dinners at all the restaurants - Red Parrot 3 times, Ginger 2 times and Papparazzi 2 times. The food was great and the service was wonderful also. In past years, service has been spotty, but this year, greatly improved. I felt like the service throughout the resort was better - not that it was bad in the past, but this year everyone seemed more attentive. I did remark to a few people that it shows the quality of the resort as the same people have been working there for years. With all the places they could work in Aruba, they are still at the Divi/Tam. Just an observation on my partÖ

    Finally got up the nerve to go parasailing. Would I do it again, not sure, but it was an interesting experience. We booked through the Divi and they came and picked us up. We drove to Eagle Beach and a boat picked us up there and brought us out to the parasailing boat off Palm Beach. There was a family of 4 on the boat already. The two children were going up also. They went up first came down all excited that they saw sea turtles. I was a bit nervous, but I figured heck, they did it and saw turtles so up I went. Going up I thought - this is really cool ! Up and up I went - ok, a little nervous now as I started swaying in the breeze! Didnít see anything - maybe because of my nerves. Must admit, although the view was incredible, I was happy to see them start to reel me in. Once in a lifetime experience for me!! They took us back to Eagle Beach at the end - all in all, about an hour. Good enough for me - had a nice cocktail when I returned to the Divi!!

    Other than that, beached it every day. Divi has a new palaya system. Every night they collect all the chairs and lock them up. At 6:30 am, they come out and unlock the chairs and people are waiting to grab them and reserve them - although they still tell you that you cannot reserve them. The 9 days we were there, there were still palayas available at 9-10 am, but they did fill up shortly after that. The Divi and Tam were both sold out, but there were always chairs available, just not palayas. Seems like a better system to me. At least you KNOW that 6:30 is the time and people arenít reserving chairs at midnight. Heard this was due to a guest freaking out one night and throwing everyone's stuff in the pool as all the chairs were reserved. Not sure if thatís true, but made for a great story!

    Two cruise ships in port every day but Saturday and Sunday. One day a tall ship went by - what a majestic sight. The crew was all standing on the masts (I know thatís not what they are called but donít know the right word) as the ship went by. I didnít recognize the flag but looked it up when we got home and they were from Columbia. We went downtown that morning and they were all over the place, looking sharp in their white uniforms. A great site to see.

    As I said, rest of the time spent lounging on the beach, having a few cocktails and just relaxing. Met lots of nice people from New England and beyond. Seemed to be a lot more people from Europe and South America this year - and a lot more kids. Not sure if thatís because the Tam sold out first and they flipped over to the Divi. Lucky kids - little ones in Aruba. Didnít dare tell my kids that!!

    Bully arrived to pick us up for our flight home - ever the jokster. He told the bell captain to tell us he couldnít make it - what??!! He then came out from behind the bus that was there - laughing all the time. Got to the airport and breezed through check-in, Aruba customs, US customs - 30 minutes from drop off to the gate. Flight home uneventful also. A little bumpier, but nothing major. Arrived to 70 degree weather in Boston. Heard it was that way the whole time we were gone. Doggie happy to see me - oh, and I guess the kids too? I think they were just happy I was home to resume taking care of their doggie - but thatís another story!!
    All in all a great time. Wish the weather could have been a little sunnier, but it was warm and the water was calmer this year. Hopefully will be returning next year??

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    I did not see him, but we didn't go to the Sandpiper bar. I think he's usually down there. All the other guys were there though.

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    Pelican Pier at sunset with a bucket of Brights! Sunsets at Bunker Bar LG Smith Steakhouse, Paddock
    great report hockeymom, no aruba trip report could be nothing but exciting to me. loved how the pirates call rain aruba cute. will have to copy that next time it sprinkles on me.....i also chuckled about drinks almost flying off bar. happy dreams of your next trip and ours, fellow new englanders

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