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Thread: Trip Report - March 15-March 22, 2010

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    Sounds awesome candy...glad you enjoyed your first time with timeshare.



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    Great trip report, hockeymom! Thanks for sharing...and glad your determination paid off!!!

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    Divi All inclusive is the best !!!
    Quote Originally Posted by hockeymom View Post
    It was all worth it in the end. I know what everyone is saying. I had a boss that use to book flights all the time and then never go on the trip. Use to drive me nuts!! I told my boyfriend that's why they overbooked, but he still couldn't understand in this computer age how they could do that!! No one would get off a flight to Aruba! Just not right. One good thing though. I had read that Delta was charge $23.00 for the first bag. We didn't get charged either way!!

    As for restaurants, I know we're going to get comments about this, but we never left the Divi/Tam. We talked about it, but were too lazy to go anywhere. We promised ourselves next trip we would!! We'll be looking for some recommendations next spring!!

    We ate at the Red Parrot at the Divi twice - our favorite, Ginger at the Tam twice - second fav. One time at Paparazzi. It was our second time trying that and still didn't like it. Ate at the buffet for breakfast and lunch and two dinners. I hate when I read about people complaining about the food at the Divi/Tam. I thought it was great....of course, if I don't have to cook it and clean up after it, I'm happy. But there wasn't a day that I wasn't totally happy with the quality and the variety! Found a new drink too - Brown Lady - yummy!!! All in all, a great week - can't wait to go back!!!
    I agree with you on those Brown Lady drinks Our favorite ! We will be heading down to the Divi in about 4 weeks. So excited. Im glad everything turned out good for you, and you had a great time !

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