Sorry I am a liitle late with the post since I was at the Surf Club in Nov. I can tell you with how good the food and weather was, and tell you how much $$$ I lost in the casinio, however I will spare you the details. I did find some news from an old fishmerman friend for many years. Tuy the captain of Go Get em at the Surf Club dock is opening a snorkel learning center. He is taking a portion of the sea close to DePalm island and breaking it into pods that will seperate Sea Turtles, different fish, rays, etc... It will be a interactive learning reef that will offer a great learning enviroment as well as a great place to teach people how to snorkel. There will be steps leading down to the pods for easy acess, and should be less intimidating for a first time snorkeler. They are breaking ground soon and as I have more info I will update you. He did say the facility will have a lobby with description of the fish etc.., locker rooms, and a snack bar :Captain Tuy's. I have fished and Snorkeled with Tuy, and his knowledge of the Sea surronding Aruba is fascinating. To see he will share it with others will be a great asset to the tourists of Aruba.