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Thread: Trip Report - Nov.4 - 18

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    Sounds like the perfect Monday to me, glad you're feeling better. Is it normal for cruisers to come over to the Ren when ships are in port? I would be at the managers desk wanting to know why they were allowed to take up valuable space at the resort.

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    Do the cruisers get day passes maybe?

    Glad to hear the congestion has cleared
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Wonder if the cruise ships pay the resort a fee to use the property?

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    Could the management encourage this so they enjoy the grounds and maybe consider a stay later.....?

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    Renn. does sell day passes, but I seriously doubt that any of these people had them. They all just seemed to be wandering around, and stumble upon the lagoon. None of the people today had Renn. towels. I'm sure that they give you those if you get a day pass. One group went up to a guy that was working on the grounds, and he motioned towards the empty chairs. I assume that they were asking if it was ok to sit there. The rest just moved in. Usually, the people who pay the high price for a day pass are heading to the private island.

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    Glad you are feeling better, two of my favorite and mudslides. Only time I drink mudslides is in Aruba, delicious

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    Glad you are feeling better and thanks for sharing!

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    Great report Hatters and glad you are feeling better. I was bit confused about outsiders at the Ren. So the Ren has a lagoon that anyone can get to and then the private island which you need to ferry across? I think November is high season for cruises in Aruba. Last year I went for thanks giving. I would go to the beach at 9am, 10am and now one there. By noon or 1pm, it was crowded with cruisers. 6 people crashed my palapa but i didn't mind so much. They asked politely and were from Colombia plus I was alone and usually spend up to an hour in the water.

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    Renn. does sell day passes at $99.00 p/p this includes one drink and lunch. The need a pass to the island.
    But like you said just to hang out at the pool/lagoon you would never know.
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    Enjoying your trip reports. Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like the perfect Monday to me!

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