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Thread: Trip Report Sept 20- Oct 3, 2008..

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    Trip Report Sept 20- Oct 3, 2008..

    Got back last Friday evening to the homested.....

    Missed first flight Delta/JB on the 20th due to wife getting ill at 4:30 AM day of flight from Pittsburgh, PA. Drove 3 hours home and drank half a bottle of Scotch to suppress the depression. Slept it off over-night and wife rebooked on AA out of Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon... so 3 hour drive back to Pittsburgh

    Flights were smooth with AA with stop in Miami.... arrived Aruba around 11:00 Pm and to Surf Club by Midnight. Beach at Surf Club still kinda stinks... so walk up in front of the regular Marriott Hotel.... or the other direction in front of Holiday Inn. (PS... for you gentleman who may like to see .... well.... ya know.... go the Holiday Inn direction!!) Just being a little ornary!!

    My sister and brother-in-law did go on the Saturday flight... so I emailed Bully to inform him that we weren't making it, but to pick them up at the airport... all via email. It worked out great and he is a stand-up guy!!! We tipped him on our return to the airport Oct 3... plus 3 six-packs of undrank Amstel/Balashi!! At 5:30 AM it probably didn't look too appealing!!

    Did have some problems with Cell Phone, but Charles & Iris at FastPones to care of the issues for us. Needed speaker phone for a couple of conference calls while in Aruba... gotta work some!

    Freak storm blew in around the 22nd or 23rd and stirred things up for an hour or two!! People were running for cover, while I watched from the window. It was rather hilarious!!

    Spent most of the trip just relaxing.... and not having and Aruba fix for 18 months due to kid graduating and business in general.

    Ate at:
    Driftwood.... service great.... food very disappointing
    Scala.... very good food and service the 3 times we ate there
    Dushi Bagel..... cheap cheeseburgers (2 times) and tasty
    Madam Jeanettes.... always very nice (1 time)
    Momba Beach... wife loves the Fettucini Argosto (3 times) People sometimes knock this place, but I have always found it reasonable and good food. Ate the Indonesian Buffet (wed)/ BBQ buffet, and it was very good.
    Ruth's Cris.... chain, but $90 for 2 people and you will be absolutely stuffed!! (and I eat a LOT folks, see buffet comment above)
    Hadacari Fisherman's Huts(spelling) .... great service, and decent food, but didn't feel too well a few hours later. Ate there in the past with no problems. Kinda costly when other options are available..... but absolutely geat sunset views.
    Watched the Ultimate Bet Poker big guys at the Radisson for a couple of hours on 2 occasions. Sister got some autographs and free robe, pins, and other stuff by being the the right place at the right time. (maybe she showed them her boobs.. HA!)

    Weather in general, other than the freak 2 hour storm, was very nice. Maybe a touch hotter than are normal time in May, but still very nice. A little more breeze would have been welcome!

    Most places looked very slow.... no reservations were ever required to eat. Most folks looked as though they would grab us, and pull us into there places to eat!! Slower than May!

    Casino time was not as good as other trips, but did manage to come back with $500 more than we went down with, and after paying expediture while in Aruba.... so no complaints!

    Back to Aruba in May 2009 for 2 weeks. In the meantime.... Florida the end of this week....St. Lucia in Feb 2009.... Mexico in March 2009..... and then back to Aruba.

    Unfortunately I didn't make it by to see Amy or others and the Monday Forum/BB meeting.... was too busy resting!!

    Hope folks find this helpful....
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    Zippy, thanks for the concise report on the restaurants...all good to know. Glad no sickness ruined your trip while there ! cindyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    Unfortunately I didn't make it by to see Amy or others and the Monday Forum/BB meeting.... was too busy resting!!
    Sorry we didn't get to meet but resting is what vacations are all about!
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    Thanks for the Aruba update!

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    Zippy, Thanks for the update, especially about the restaurants. Glad to know you rested and enjoyed yourseld. All the reports from everyone that has just been is making the wait terrible.....33 days for me and it is just dragging...

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    ok, that is a lie, i love it.

    i am still laughing about how your sister may have gotten her free stuff.

    glad that you had a nice trip

    andrea j

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