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Thread: VERY Memorable Aruba Experiences/Stories

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    VERY Memorable Aruba Experiences/Stories

    Do any of you have an exceptional/unique Aruba story?
    It could be your experience or an experience that you read here on the forum.

    I have some of our personal stores that are exceptional to me, but may not be interesting reading.
    I will have to give it some thought before I post.

    However one story (that is NOT mine) stands out.
    It was posted on the forum a while ago.

    Remember the lady that had appendicitis and had to have her appendix removed in Aruba?
    Here is a link to her story Room with a view.....April 24th-May 3rd

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    I have many VERY memorable moments. Besides the regular engagements (a few friends & my brother's underwater proposal at Baby Beach) and weddings (my best friend's and my own vow renewal) the most memorable involve men's wedding rings.

    My husband lost his wedding band while snorkeling on JollyPirates. My daughter spotted the ring, but couldn't get down far enough. One of the pirates swam down and got the ring for us!

    And my brother's infamous loss of his wedding band that was returned thanks to some amazing members of this forum
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Any beach!!
    For me it was our first trip when Tom was post transplant. He had received his new liver 7 months prior. The doctors had given us the okay to travel and I was a nervous wreck. Not sure what I was thinking but I booked a snorkel trip on the Black Peal. It would be our first time snorkeling. I didn't go in the first stop instead I kept a close eye on Tom. He of course was having a blast. While watching him it hit me what a miracle it was that we were in Aruba and snorkeling when just 7 months before we didn't have much hope for the future. Aruba helped to heal our stress and adjust to our new normal. It's a very special place!

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    Although many have seen it, I would say my very memorable experience was last June. We watched two Sea Turtle nests hatch. Seeing how excited my 9 year old was, was so cool. We also go to see the Dutch Army drill that same trip, also very cool!

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    Most memorable moments from my previous trips:
    Trip #1: Night time arrival via a really small Insel aircraft from Curacao, I could see my luggage in the back of the aircraft. Driving through the Palm Beach area that night and was amazed by the vibrant night life that was going on, it did not feel like it was a Sunday night. Had my first taste of Sunday Barbecue from the New Wi-Tai restaurant in Noord. Every visit since then I had to have my Sunday barbecue.

    Trip#2: Going on the Kookoo-Kunuku Party Bus, best time ever. Going to the Carruban Festival in San Nicholas and the Bon Bini festival at Fort Zoutman, learned a great deal about Aruba's culture and their similarities to my culture in T&T.

    Trip#3: First solo trip, met up with a friend who I met online and had been communicating with via BBM and Facebook. Stayed at an out of the way hotel, which was a good distance away from the beach and the High Rise Area, still enjoyed myself.

    Trip#4: Stayed at La Cabana, wound up in the hospital due to a vehicular accident, the concern shown by the staff at the hotel for my well being was overwhelming. Could not move around as much but still enjoyed kicking back and relaxing. The bandage on my ankle made for an interesting conversation starter. Met up with another friend who lives on Aruba, Sam who used to do the video vlogs on her life since moving to Aruba. Met her son, step-son and step-nephews. Fun times.

    Trip#5:???? Yet to happen but still looking forward to it.

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    I just remembered a few more:
    Trip #1: (a)On the flight to Aruba from Curacao I sat next to a young woman from St. Martin who was extremely nervous about flying on such a small aircraft. To keep her mind off of it I asked her a bunch of questions about St. Martin and Aruba, on arrival she thanked me for helping to keep her calm.
    (b). The female Immigration Officer asking me about my name.

    Trip#2: Witnessing an early morning downpour that I thought was going to last all day, only to turn around to see that the rain had stopped, the skies cleared up and the the sun was out.

    Trip#3: Arriving on a late night flight, the pilot flew down to the Southern tip of the island before turning around to fly back up North on the Eastern side of the island. The lights from San Nicholas and the other areas made for a beautiful sight, especially when we came down on the other side to head for the airport. The Palm Beach area looked gorgeous.

    Trip#4: (a).I flew in on my birthday and it was the first time that I arrived when the sun was still up and there was enough light to see the beauty of the island from the air. (b). Meeting a local whose Grandfather came from T&T and chose to remain on Aruba when his contract came to an end at the refinery.

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    After reading your previous posts regarding the Black Pearl we booked it last July. What a wonderful experience it was. So glad you both enjoyed it.

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    In the pool.
    We bought a piece of land on the island a few years ago. We were here for closing and went to the notary office to sign off. It was all a lot of fun and festive with hugs all around and "Welcome to Aruba!" We were thrilled by all the excitement and joy.

    Contrast that with the experience in Toronto: you rarely meet the counter party and, on closing, the lawyer hurls the keys at you and can't wait for you to get out of the office.

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