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Thread: WaltVB in Aruba 2015

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    Thanks again for all your info, updates, humor and especially, your daily stories about your Aruba adventures. Loved reading all of them and miss them already.

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    Welcome home Walt, most of us use the crying room because we don't want to leave, sounds like you were using it because your plane would not leave (lol)....that in addition to you not wanting to leave must have been lots of tears. Glad you made it home finally and safe. Your situation has given me a great tip. As someone else said I am always prepared for surprises on my way, however, departing Aruba I usually just carry on my jewerly, perscriptions etc. This year I will be packing new items just in case, toothbrushes, deodorant, extra undies, etc. Otherwise it would make the final flight home not too pleasant I'm sure.

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    Had a blast hanging out with you and your family Walt. Fireball!

    the officially unofficial podcast of the island of Aruba. Tips, tricks and stories about the best place on earth! If you don't listen you are missing out.

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