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Thread: We're here and we're glad!!

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    Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Arashi Beach Tierra Del Sol golf course


    glad to see you having a good time. We too are dull. Beaching and snorkeling are most of what we do.
    Tell us about Tulips. We have not been there.

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    Awww, wish I were there, or at least wish I could book my next trip....not yet I'm afraid....



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    Enjoy, Have Fun

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    Rained the better part of Sunday, so no beach time. Went down to the Marriott Casino for something to do. No luck! Ate dinner, for the firs time, at Pizza Bob's. Good pizza. Spent all day Mon. on the beach and one last dinner at Smokey Joe's.

    Bob, Tulip is an excellent restaurant, very reasonably priced too.

    Headed home on Tue. afternoon. This was the first time we've gone home midweek. The whole airport process went very quickly and our plane left on schedule. Were home and tucked in bed at 2:00 am. and back to work Wed. am.

    On a sour note, our credit card was compromised during the trip. We only used it 2 times, in addition to presenting it at check-in. This happened to us last year too. Last year we only presented it at check-in and after 4 days decided to rent a car. It had already been shut off. Last year we stayed at the Ocean Club. To their credit, Chase took notice and turned off our credit card after a couple of online purchases both times.

    All in all, our trip was very relaxing. Of course, I can't wait to go back next year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bhoffdhoff View Post
    Bob, Tulip is an excellent restaurant, very reasonably priced too.
    We like Tulip as well for both lunch and dinner. Here's their website:
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    tulip has EXCELLENT garden salads........cold and crisp.
    my favorite meal there is chicken sate', salad and baked potato.
    their sangria is great too.

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