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Thread: Amsterdam Manor- Security

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    Amsterdam Manor- Security

    Hey everyone,

    We will be at the Amsterdam Manor next Monday and we were wondering what the security is like there?


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    i have never stayed at amsterdam manor, but have eaten dinner there and have visited their pool bar happy hour many times.

    that being said, i have never heard any security issues.
    i always see many employees on the grounds of the resort.
    i always see employees in the parking area.

    i hope eagle beach boy or ~amy~ reply to you.
    they are our amsterdam manor experts.

    i know that security is NO problem and that the units LOCK and there are safes in the rooms for your small belongings.

    it is a very small, quaint and comfortable LOVELY resort.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aruba_Sept08 View Post
    Hey everyone,

    We will be at the Amsterdam Manor next Monday and we were wondering what the security is like there?


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    I am sure Amy will respond when she has time, but she did stay there solo this this past spring and did not have any issues. Her review is at

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    Hi! We've been staying at Amsterdam Manor a couple of times each year now (will be there again on Sept. 11th for our 9th stay at Amsterdam Manor.) Not sure exactly what you mean by "security" but as Andrea said all of the rooms have deadbolts and chains and each room has an electronic safe for your money, valuables, etc.

    It's a small, quiet resort and is very quiet after the restaurant and pool bar closes around 11pm. There is always someone available at the front desk if you need anything and they do have security guards on site that make rounds throughout the evening (the security guards also deliver the daily paper to your door as well.)

    As Lisa said, I was there solo this past spring and never felt worried being alone there.
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