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Thread: Aruba Beach Club vs. Brickell Bay/Advice

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    Aruba Beach Club vs. Brickell Bay/Advice

    Hi Everyone
    My husband and I are going to Aruba the third week of April and we are debating on Brickell Bay or Aruba Beach Club.
    We have chosen these two due to the cheap price that we found.
    Does anyone have any opinions on either of the two.
    ABC is on the beach which is what I am leaning towards.
    I wasnt sure if anyone had been lately or knew anything about it.
    Is there a bus stop nearby to take you into town or to the high rise section?

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Brickell gets very mixed reviews. Go with your instinct and stay at the Aruba Beach Club. Addtional posts on Brickell Bay

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    I woud definetly pick ABC as its on the beach. I only stayed once at Brickell Bay. The rooms were not great they but they are renovating the rooms. I'm not sure if the renovation is competed yet. I am deciding if I am going to stay there myself for a night in 1 1/2 weeks. From Aruba Beach Club you just have to walk up to the main road to catch the bus($2.30 round trip) to downtown or the highrise area. To downtown its a 5 min. ride and just a little more than that to the highrise area.

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    Another vote for ABC! You can't beat the beach!!

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