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    Aruba Westin

    Anyone stayed at the Aruba Westin?

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    iguan joes fishes and more just being there
    YES... We have stayed their 3 times and awaiting our 4th visit in Nov. Everybody's opinion and likes are different. For us, we love it their. We have visited other resorts while on the island, (walked through) and we always say we like the Westin as well as anywhere we could stay. We like the beach, but we enjoy hanging out at the pool more. Their pool is pretty and their loungers and great. They have about a 3 inch mat on them for comfort. A couple of times during the day they bring you frozen fruit on a stick, they will spritz you with cool water and bring you a cool cloth to wipe your face with. The grounds are clean. ANd the outside is not so overtaken with landscaping that that is all you see. SOme of the other resorts have so many trees that you would probably have to move from place to place to stay in the sun ( if that is what you want). They have recently updated their rooms. Which in our opinion is really nice. They all have flat screen tv's, heavenly beds with all new appointments in the rooms.
    Now you might go their and have a totally different opinion of the place. But for us, we really don't want to stay anywhere else.

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