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Thread: Bucuti or Amsterdam Manor

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    Bucuti or Amsterdam Manor

    Has anyone stayed at both of these hotels? I stayed at the Bucuti a couple of years ago for our honeymoon and we loved it. Planning to go back to Aruba this Fall and we can't decide which hotel we should stay in. By staying at Amsterdam we would be saving some money, but I'm afraid we may be disappointed because we loved the location of the Bucuti plus the adult only atmosphere. Would love to hear opinions from anyone who has stayed at both. Thanks!

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    Which hotel

    There is no comparison between the Bucutti and the Amsteradam Manor. Bucutti is on the best beach in Aruba. The atmosphere is phenominal, the rooms great.

    Amsterdam is across the street from the beach and not as upgraded.

    Stick with Bucutti.

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    Without any doubts Bucuti!

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    casa del mar, Manchebo beach
    Bucuti by far
    aruba lover 99

    45 th trip coming soon

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    Any Aruba beach...
    If it helps any, member ~Amy~ has a few reviews of the Amsterdam Manor at She is off on vacation so will just say her review has a lot of photos of the Amsterdam Manor's newly renovated rooms. Her balcony below.

    In April she stayed in the Honeymoon Suite. That looks to die for too!

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